Security Officer Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by steinlagerXV, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Position Now Closed, many thanks for your interest.
  2. Word of warning: Abu Dhabi is getting more expensive to live, rental accom is now more expensive than in Dubai.
  3. I would also add that many landlords require a years rent up front which unless available in advance from the employer comes out of your own pocket leaving you vulnerable if you do not complete a probationary period. There is also no mention of transport allowance or end of term benefit. I would also ask about working days per week and day/night/weekend working (NB 'long hours' in Job Description). A good website to research prices of cars and accommodation in Abu Dhabi is Property Real Estate for Sale and Rent. Jobs in the Middle East and North Africa , Free Classifieds in with Food is relatively inexpensive but expect to pay GBP 5 to 6 for a pint of beer outside happy hours.
  4. Agree with all the above, it is not cheap in Abu Dhabi, but the client is providing the accommodation allowance on top of the salary, with first three months accommodation is provided free. The relocation people will deal with any dodgy landlords. It does include the end of term benefit as per UAE law, transport is done centrally, if you need to get somewhere for work they will get you there, day to day commuting is covered, 5 day working week normally, you may be required to work some weekends, recruiting at least four so go figure! Have placed over 20 people there in the last year, no real substantive complaints so far, except for one, but he would complain about the colour of sh!te without prompting.
  5. Didn't want to sound negative shippers, but as I live and work here I thought I'd give the heads up on the expensive stuff (comes naturally to a Jock!)
  6. Well hopefully I've explained enough for it not to be an issue! Abu Dhabi is not Skegness so it isn't going to be cheap.
  7. Hi - I would like to be considered for these position. How can I get contact details. Patches
  8. HI Patches, PM me on here and I will give you some contact details!
  9. Are SO armed and does include CP details, not quite clear from your post? I might have someone in mind, though not a UK citizen and not a member of this forum, how does he get in touch with you? The pay isn't great all things considered, AD is very expensive.
  10. Viceroy, PM Me for more details. Non UK citizens are welcome. Will check on the armed issue. CP is a small part of the role. But part of it none the less . The pay is US$67000 pa, so yes, it isn't the pop star wages in Iraq or Afghanistan, Abu Dhabi is expensive, but on the plus side you don't have hordes of militia men trying to kill you and generally ruin your day with IEDs etc., and a whole load of other stuff you can't do in the recent and current theatres, additionally all the allowances are on top of that base salary plus some other perks. I can't give all the details out here in an open forum, but am willing to discuss them on e-mail etc.
  11. Many thanks, new to the web so not sure how to PM you, Sorry for being dull
  12. Hover over steinlagerXV's name on his avatar and click the private message mate.
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  13. The opening is now closed!