Security not at fault on 7 July

A parliamentary report on the 7 July attacks in which 52 people were killed says intelligence and security services cannot be blamed.

The Commons intelligence and security committee does not accuse any agency of negligence over the four suicide bombings on London's transport network. But the cross-party committee is asking why the lead bomber, who was known to police, was not investigated. Levels of intelligence on UK militants in Pakistan are also criticised.

Counter-terrorism officials say lead bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan, who prior to 7 July was suspected of petty fraud and not terrorism, was considered a low priority to whom it was not worth diverting resources.

But the committee questions why he was never fully investigated, despite being known to security officials.

It accepts that gathering intelligence on the activities of British militants in Pakistan was extremely difficult prior to 7 July, but says it should still have been better. The committee was "very aware that the security and intelligence agencies - MI5 and MI6 - didn't have and still don't have enough people with languages - that's their problem".

It's about time then the FCO got of there backsides & recruited more staff with foreign languages. And I cant believe that he was a special needs teacher who was suspected of petty fraud!!!!. Did'nt the Police realise his job role. Then again Ruth Kelly let know pedo's work in schools so im not supprised there!
I don't understand how it could be the Security Service's fault in the first place. After all, they didn't go to the training camps, learn how to make HME, come back to the UK, buy the ingredients, assemble the bombs, recce the routes, buy the train tickets, make sure they had a zone 1-2 ticket, then callously blow themselves up along with 56 innocent bystanders.
I love all this - its so easy to look back and blame everyone, but lets face it the security forces in question is a fancy name for people who pick up on rumours and gossip (ok, there is probably more to it than that) but at the end of the day, they can only do their best and as stated about, they didn't go and bomb the place, lets put blame truely where it belongs, at the feet of the terrorists!!!!

You don't hear about the planned attacks that are detected and disrupted, only the ones that get through.

As one PIRA bomber put it,

'You have to be lucky all the time; we only have to be lucky once!'

Says it all!
lets put blame truely where it belongs, at the feet of the terrorists!!!!
Well said Oneshot.
How can you blame the security or int services. Isreal has been trying to deal with this problem for years.Why would anyone in those services suspect that a man charged with petty fraud should be watched incase he turns into a suicide bomber. I don't understand your way of thinking, how do you equate the Education Sec. knowing of pedo's working in schools with terrorists. I think you believe speed camera's are a good thing.
Suspicion is inevitable, particularly after the shooting of JC De Menezes. There should have been an independent inquiry, as this was an unprecedented atrocity - the IRA etc did not use suicide bombers. Instead we get a report from Bliar's tame committee and an eagerly anticipated "narrative" which will find nothing wrong.

Like Hutton/Butler, Bliar is sh!t-scared of any independent inquiry that may conclude the security threat was raised by his egotistical Iraq adventure.

I am sure the security services do what they can and doubt there was any negligence - crystal balls don't work and terrorists don't have thought bubbles above their heads. There clearly will be lessons that need to be identified and learned in this new and unpredictable security environment. Nevertheless, another tame "inquiry" will be viewed with disdain.

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