Security in Haiti?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. 10,000 US troops being deployed in Haiti to keep the peace, minus the necessary aid - wonder how long they can maintain order and fair distribution of any supplies without getting into a potential flash point with the local population? :?

    "United Nations peacekeepers warned yesterday that Haiti’s capital could quickly descend into rioting if three million hungry, thirsty and traumatised earthquake survivors don’t receive emergency aid soon. The warning came as relief agencies battled to deliver tonnes of material to Haiti’s capital despite blocked roads, a clogged airport and shattered ports.

    Looters have emptied food shops and scuffles have broken out among survivors fighting over scarce water as the wait for help drags on. Brazil’s Defence Minister, Nelson Jobim, warned that the Brazilian-led peacekeeping force could struggle if desperation spilled into violence. “We are worried about security,” he said."
  2. good point. i think that its all going to turn to a bag of poo once rations arrive from the US etc.

    i know in the past all aid has been moved arround under armed UN guard, so let see what happens
  3. could not agree more, i think that things are going to go pearshapped and fast. Glad i dont have Haiti on my list of places to go on a UN Tour anytime soon!
  4. I've already heard reports of riots breaking out there were US and French helicopters have delivered food. People trampled, bullies running off with the aid and mothers and children getting nought...
  5. i think that the shite is going to hit the fan on this one. they need to get the area secure and fast or all the aid the the world wont make a difference if its not getting to where its needed.
  6. reports on bbc radio today of sar teams getting bricked when they got on scene!
    nice welcome.
  7. FFS sounds like where i grew up in Manchester
  8. lol, not wrong there buddy :)
  9. Not hard to assume that the US will have to take control - its got the largest contingent of forces there, with about 10,000 troops, 2 air carriers, and several destroyers - and the UN in the region is near enough crippled. Well, they've already taken control of the airport, according to sources? Now, wouldn't it be wise to attempt to level somewhere else for a landing site, say a bit outside the city? That said, i don't know the geography, so its probably a bad idea. :p

    Mind you, I'd be pretty likely to be rioting if I was Haitian, in all fairness.
  10. Squiggers- I have to agree, but I don't know the local geography either and the last thing you want to do is build anything on an area that could suffer badly in an aftershock!

    As I understand it, while the Septics are committing lots of support, the Brazilians were the first to get fresh troops in and get things rolling.

    Having read about the state of Haiti pre-earthquake in another thread (can't be bothered to find the link- the AA Gill article in the Times) then it might be an opportunity to help Haiti become a functioning state in the long run. God knows, the poor buggers have to bottom out sooner or later don't they?
  11. I am sure that the US will show "Hearts and Minds" from all the lessons they have learned = or maybe not!
  12. hmmm... i can see the headlines now... "US trigger happy troops open fire on angry crowd seeking food and water" :wink:
  13. Christ on a bike - give the guys a chance!
  14. fair one :)
  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Did see them getting on transports on the Beeb yesterday - full body armour which I thought was a bit odd...