Security guards protect police HQ

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Maybe Surrey should use those plastic policemen (PCSO'S) to look after their HQ!.

    More here
  2. If you think that's bad, have a look at the jobs advertised on their website. Civilian Investigators (up to level 3), civilian this and civilian that. They can't have any policemen left down there. They've civilianised just about everything they can get away with. They were looking for some civvies to do a lower level of 'roads policing' not that long ago, with limited powers.
  3. Hants Constabulary were also talking about doing this too!.
  4. What a shower! Not forgetting N Yorkshire Police and the CC's shower.The lady looks and speaks more like a bloke!
  5. Already have non police types manning the mobile speed camera units here in Lanc's :evil:
  6. Derbyshire have just extended the closing date for PCSO recruitment. They hope to have 300 PCSOs on the strasse by 2008.

    Mind you, the chods they have for Police Officers in Chesterfield might learn a thing or two from them in how to deal with members of the public, so it might not be such a bad thing I suppose.
  7. the south wales police hq in bridgend has (or at least had about 3 years ago) civilian security guards manning the gate in their controll of entry lodge.
    a right shower they looked-complete shacks of s###!
  8. FFS - a civilian investigator?! I was under the impression CID et were considered(at least by themselves)to be an elite part of the police. Now they're letting civvies do it?
  9. On the plus side we've finally got an answer to the old question of 'quis custodiet ipsos custodes'.

    The way I read it, it all comes down to money. Surrey plod don't think they need police to handle the routine guard duties, so they're saving a few bob by getting in cheaper private guards. That they look like utter idiots apparently didn't enter the equation.
  10. Who will, guard the guards. Group4 !!!
  11. One Force was asking for them for their Major Crime Unit. I think it was either Hants or Surrey.

    If you have a look on Jobs Oracle, there are a number of agencies such as 'Dream Policing' trying to recruit ex policemen for short term contract work with a number of Forces, but there are a number of Forces recruiting Civilian Investigators.
  12. Biccies, a mate of mine works for a similar recruitment agency. Former CID officers are like gold dust and can earn serious amounts of wedge for doing routine stuff-WS's, PNC, all the grunt work a major investigation chucks up. That plus a pension-can't say I blame them, oh and hours to suit!
  13. Surrey Police are the same force, opps sorry service that raised council tax by £50 last year and just as Surrey lost the position of safest county. Within my street there have been 13 reported crimes in the last 4 years, they only came out on 4 and solved nil! Our residents association worked out that it would be cheaper to pay our police part of the council tax, into a joint fund and hire our own force, we could have someone on duty day and night( 4 shifts) Mon - Sun on a Sgts wage and still pay less per year! Work that out FFS.