Security guard 'killed shoplifter over bottle of perfume'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sinner251, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Didn't read the paper on the way to work so was unaware of this until called in for a team meeting at work. (Shopping centre)

    Story here: Security guard 'killed shoplifter over bottle of perfume' |

    As a security guard and former store detective I can't get my head round this. How the **** did he not notice the poor bastard had gone limp? Have used headlocks pulling scrotes to the floor, but never choke holds. Once his opppos had got a grip if he's struggling its all grab a limb and play bucking bronco, not apply potentially lethal holds.

    Christ sake 4 of them and none noticed he was in trouble?
    Its enough of a bloody drama when you get someone resisting and a couple of you are safely restraining a mong who wants to be else where or to kick off. The public see it as heavy handed when all you are doing is holding down arms and legs of some one screaming their nuts off, while avoiding bites,punches and kicks, oh and the spitting is always nice.
    This bunch of half wits has just made every Security guards/Door supervisors job harder.

    The guy killed was an ex Welsh guardsman, with some Issues apparently, but even if he had been you're average crackhead this shouldn't have happened.

    We have been informed at work now to avoid all confrontation and if a shoplifter refuses to return to store, to let him walk off and monitor them until arrival of police.

    So cue farce this afternoon as we followed a guy with a stolen tv for 20 minutes until police caught up to us.
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  2. Sounds like the security guard applied an Air Choke; pressure on the windpipe which eventually resulted in his death. Blood Chokes(compression of the arteries in the neck)are faster but potentially even more dangerous; you are out cold in under 10 seconds, brain damaged in about 20 and dead after about 30 -40 seconds constant pressure. And it only takes 10lbs of pressure per square inch to shut down the blood supply to the brain.

    I refuse to help the security in my store apprehend shoplifters. If I restrain someone and they try and fight back, they will get hurt and I'm not risking a criminal record for Tesco wages. I would only help out if it looks like a member of staff is going to get a kicking(unless it's a manager; then I'll just grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show).

    While I have little sympathy for shoplifters, even I have to admit that the death penalty is a bit harsh. The departed was a tool, but there was no need to choke him to death. Unless he's built like the Incredible Hulk, four on one is more than enough to restrain him without serious injury; one on each limb and he's going nowhere until the professionals arrive. And even though I doubt we lost the cure for cancer with this guy, it did'nt have to happen.

    The security guard is going down for this. Fcuking Mong.
  3. Choke Holds are a big No No. As Werewolf says, down in 10 dead in 30. Expressly forbidden in the plod, Any readers of the 'Blue Knight' will remember the uproar caused by choke holds in the 70s. They were an 'approved technique' for LA Police who then wondered why they were surrounded by dead people.
  4. At least the crime rate statistic has dropped by one.
  5. Forgot to add if they walk off we have to maintain a "safety distance":shakefist: of 25m as we "follow and monitor".
  6. Yep, still banned in many US Police Forces. There was also a scene in a Spike Lee movie in which a black guy is choked to death by two white cops; they apply the Choke using a nightstick which is even more dangerous than using one's arms!
  7. Our lot are not allowed to follow off the premises. Once they clear the carpark the security are not allowed to follow.

    My own view is that I'm not going to risk tackling a shoplifter just so Tesco can save a few quid; I'm damn sure that if I damage the guy Tesco are not going to support me. More than likely I'll lose the job and while it's crap, it's the only one I've got at the moment. And then there's the small matter of a possible criminal conviction...
  8. Though LVNR is very popular around these parts which puts your subject to sleep without the worry of you killing them.
  9. The Tescos I worked at years ago always went for the cheap option of 1 guy(usually contract security) stood on his tod to stop shoplifters, spotted and filmed by a tescos loss prevention/cctv bod. So billyonhistod at the door tries to stop one or more shoplifters all by his lonesome and gets battered by the time someone arrives from the security office, usually situated as far from the front door as possible.
    Most stores operate this way, luckily where I work we have a good system with all the stores. We give them early warning when we spot known lifters or just dodgy looking sods. As soon as they spot something on cctv, they let us know and we are waiting for the scrotes as they leave.
    Usually 3 or 4 of us so kicks off are usually averted by sheer numbers as well as being faced by a wall of my steroid abusing colleagues.
    Kick off still happen because some idiots will fight over nothing.
  10. Is that just another name for Rear Naked Choke or is it a completely different technique?
  11. I did retail security for 12 years and the worst I ever inflicted was a broken wrist, that was to stop the guy taking my face off with a Stanley, I didn't feel good about it afterwards. The polis still cuffed the guy btw! When they do struggle most people will run out of puff eventually so just hanging on for a bit usually suffices. I'm astonished the security guy in question didn't listen to any of his training? So much for the SIA license? God knows what he gets up to on the doors. I've worked with a few bouncers in my time and while they get less bother in the first place due to their size I found some were a bit heavy handed when things kicked off.
  12. Had to google that. Still looks bloody dangerous
  13. It's a choke hold, pure and simple. You put pressure on the arteries as opposed to the windpipe. Used improperly it's a killer. Some people may last 9 or 10 seconds before blacking out, some may last 4. EXTREMELY feckin dangerous.
  14. I find the doormen who work retail security generally fall into 2 camps.

    1)Smack/grab/throw 1st, talk 2nd.

    2)Talk, talk, talk, talk, grip as last resort, minimum force used. These guys are worth their weight in Decanobolmonkeyglandsdodgychinesesteroids.

    Some of the nicest guys I've met have been doormen, but the 1st group are usually a pain in the arse.
  15. That's exactly how security, and I use the word in it's loosest possible term, operates in my store; one guy on his own. No back up, unless some other member of staff wants to take the risk or a manager is available(not in a meeting etc)and physically capable of dealing with a shoplifter(most are'nt).

    At the moment we have two security guards and that's about to go down to a single man very shortly. There will be long periods of time when there is no security at all.

    But like I say, Tesco is a £Billion Company. If they're too fcuking cheap to pay for professional security, I'm not going to do the job for them.