Security deposits for electric/gas

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. Evening all just come off the phone to Scottish water with regards to having the pre-paid gas and electric meters taken out of the flat I move into on Monday.

    Been told that I'll have to pay around £100 for both to be swapped over OK not a problem. However I was then told they would want £150 per meter as a security for 12months

    Or no security if I paid up front an amount of £1200 WTF!

    Are they just trying to rip the pish?

    If so anyone tell me how to by-pass the fcuking things
  2. You sure you're ringing the right people :?
  3. hi if you shop around you will find that you will not be charged for the change over, at the end of the day these companys want as many customers as you can get so they are ripping you of on point 1, and meter changes are usually free.

    the second point is regarding the deposit, this is normally for those that tend to have bad credit ratings and so the companys would like a deposit before you start using their services, but once again shop around, it may just be that the address you have moved to has bad credit history,

    i mean what are you going to do nick the meters when you move out, i would tell them to bugger of and you will go else where if they do not sort it.
  4. Sorry meant power :oops:
  5. My credit rating is 950 so not in the dodgy bracket sound like just trying to make a buck