Security Companies pretending to be police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BossHogg, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Have a look at this thread on our forum and give me your honest opinion, what a bunch of bluffing police walts!!

    bluffing police walts
  2. looks like the perfect cover for carrying out some real crime.....what's that noise outside?!
  3. The recent ITV programme about the police and the policeman's blog called 'wasting police time' shows that these walts may be no worse at crime prevention than 'real 'police.I though 'wasting police time' was a criminal offence? Clearly not for the police.
  4. Hello,

    Isn't it a criminal offence to impersonate a police officer?

  5. It is indeed my razor eyed chum. I worked on a court case against a PCSO who had impersonated a bobby to return to their homes two drunken chav scummy girls, but their equally chav and scummy parent rumbled him and summoned the Aged Bill
  6. The link cracked me up. "Highways Agency traffic Patrol" condemning others as Police Walts! :lol:
    I'd honestly expected it to be about these useless articles:
  7. We are properly trained, have authorised powers and do exactly what it says on the tin!! We are Highways Agency Traffic Officers and everyone know who we are and what we do. We don't big it up by pretending to be police!!! :evil:
  8. I don't know who you are and who do you think you're kidding. The whole uniform bit is to make the general public believe that your organisation is the police.
    edited to say. Not you personally but the people who decided to supply you with police look alike uniforms.
  9. The fact that individuals sign up for this work is laudable, but I'd be fecked if I'd wander around in a Chad Valley get up without full powers and equipment. They need a total rethink on uniformity. The people in the above image look like a cross between BA cabin crew/dispatchers and London Underground staff. Don't even go near Street Wardens. Deterrent? They look like feckin' icecream sellers. 'Can I 'ave a choc ice please?'
  10. On my wanderings around the Motorways of England, I see quite a few Highways Agency patrol vehicles bimbling around and you couldn't mistake them for Cops. Their vehicles do not have blue lights (they do have amber strobes) and ''Highways Agency'' is splattered all over them. When I broke down on the M6 last month, one of these vehicles turned up and were more than helpful. They stayed to protect my vehicle until the AA turned up. Chatting to them, they seemed to know what their job was about and that was to attend RTC's, offer what assistance they could, keep traffic moving and generally help people who have broken down. Don't see a problem with that.
  11. If the Gov is obsessed with Pretend Police, why cant they just give us real police (whether it be traffic, plod or whoever) the PCSO's the other day obviously decided the kids drowning were beyond their common sense belief.. So what next with traffic walts, will they deal witha car jacking if they see one or just call it in.. This is a wasted exercise. DO IT PROPERLY OR DONT DO IT AT ALL
  12. So, one load of Police Walts with their own website are slating another load of Police Walts?
  13. Are they not real traffic officers? Seems to me that they do have some authority and are probably providing a usefull service.
  14. I never said they did not provide a useful service, just commented that their own uniforms and vehicles are designed to look like police.