Security Clearence ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tayyab1796, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi! does anybody know how long does it take to get SC (Security Clearence) . i hav passed ADSC but had to get SC bcz i m trying for selection into AGC as a military clerk .can't wait to start phase 1
  2. From the DVA York Website:

    What are the definitions for ROUTINE PRIORITY & IMMEDIATE requests for clearance?
    The DVA operates the following definitions for Routine, Priority, and Immediate cases - the precedence markers recognised by the WARRANTOR IT system and used to compute the intermediate state completion dates. The definitions are explained in the table below:

    Type of Case Description Process Criteria
    ROUTINE Normal
    Request Using normal procedures complete all action within the following calendar days:

    CTC/SC 30 days
    DV 95 days Requirement for application to fill security annotated post or position.

    PRIORITY Urgent request Takes priority over ROUTINE requests. Speedy action or attention to complete all action within the following calendar days:

    CTC/SC 10 days
    DV 30 days As above, plus urgent operational or commercial requirement.

    IMMEDIATE Instant request Takes precedence over all other requests, to complete action immediately in accordance with timescale agreed with customer. As above, plus critical operational or commercial requirement.

    Hope that's come out ok. Pilgrim
  3. Please note that this is only a guidline it can take more or less depending on their load at the time!!
  4. I had to get a security check for joining RMP. just involved signing something and it was all done in 2 weeks...I assume its probably the same check