Security clearance?

My security clearance has lapsed by six months. My question is, seeing as though i have held clearance before, is it quicker for a prospective employer to get me cleared again? i did try the DVA but i seem to be getting differing opinions. Any info appreciated.
It won't be any quicker. You still go through the same procedure.
You would have thought it would be quicker but my re-newal took longer by about 4 weeks for some bizarre reason. Not sure if this is standard. I would assume it depends on the level of clearance you are going for.
It depends on the level of clearance, and also if you work directly for the MoD, or one of their contracors.

If you work for the MoD it you can expect he turn around time for SC clearance to be as little a 2 weeks. Someone I know was waiting for SC renewal by Fujitsu, and it took nearly 4 months.

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