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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by 6952grumm, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Just 2 questions-When you leave the service do you lose all security clearance? and is there a number to find out what type of clearance you have?
  2. 1. No, you don't lose it. It's valid for up to 12 months after leaving (unless your vetting review date is before that).

    2. Speak to your unit PVRO to find out what you have.
  3. You lose it if it's not used within a year of leaving. You can call the DVA, google them, and ask them if your clearance is still current. They can't tell you what level it is, but can cofirm if it's ok.
  4. DV dies the instant you no longer need it... allegedly. :D
  5. No it doesn't. It lasts 12 months before it lapses, unless you're in a post that uses it, and keeps it current.
  6. Cheers all :D
  7. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    it may last 12 months, but you will find most new jobs will want you to do it all over again. I've been cleared to SC since I was 17, and every job I have taken has made me go through the forms again...even going TA to Regs I had to do it.

    The only exception has been the current job where I managed to get the 2 security departments to talk to each other and transfer the clearance.

    Just don't be surprised if you get asked to fill the forms in again.

  8. I've never had to fill out the forms. The clearance has always been transfered. I had to fill the forms once when renewing the clearance, which happens every 10 years.
  9. For the guys/gals in the known, how useful is it having clearance before applying for a job?

    Does it put you further up the pile before interview?

    Or does it have nothing at all to do with your chances of getting the job?
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    They can't/shouldn't discriminate between someone who has the clearence and someone who hasn't. If you do have it though your more employable as you won't fail the check when they employe you. Company I work for aren't bothered, everyone who starts gets it.

    I've just had to fill the forms in as mine is about to expire, otherwise its transfered by your company and the DVA.
  11. If it is a job requirement - very. Otherwise, not.

    Absolutely - when civvie firms need cleared staff, it is normally NOW. The current vetting timescales mean that a current clearance is always going to be a plus point.
  12. If you're still serving, you can now check your vetting status and review date on JPA, through the 'self-service - employee' screen.

  13. If your employed in a civvie job that requires SC vetting, and decide to move to another job that also required SC. How would you carry that clearance over to the new job?
  14. Don't wait for a year like I did - I was down graded on my previous security classification with these orange docket bums. They even wanted confirmation of when my father died.

    He died from cancer of the guts in 1992, I was with him when he went.

    The people handling the initial stuff are just Admin civvies. So press every month for the result. Just hassle the useless feckers..!
  15. Jimmy. Your new company will contact the security controller of your current company( or the company that holds your clearance ie EDS, GD etc if you are sub contractor) and the clearance is moved across. You don't need to do anything except let the new company know contact details for who currently holds your clearance.