Security Clearance?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chap_in_black, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. There are three types of MoD clearance they are BC, SC or DV apparently, but which one do we have apon leaving? Cheers
  2. Depends on what job you are doing. Normally SC, you won't get DV'd unless your particular job requires it as it costs a big load of wonga to do.
  3. DV also means loads inteviews, paperwork and the dig into EVERYTHING.....

    The interesting part of the interviews is when they can tell YOU stuff about yourself that you didnt know......
  4. Haha righty, wanted to apply for a job but said i needed SC & the company has said i should either have BC, SC or DV having left the forces. So i'd have to apply, yes?
  5. When did you leave the forces and if recent, contact your last unit, they should be able to help
  6. Also be aware that the clearance is only valid for a certain period of time, plus if there are gaps in your employement history that can also loose you your clearance, and finally the worst part is only certain firms are allowed to apply to transfer your clearance to them. I had (have) SC clearance from my previosu job 5 months ago, but the firm io currently work for wont apply to have it transfered and instead had to redo all the forms just to get a BC clearance :(
  7. Left July 07, ill contact the reg.
  8. Chap_in_Black, in the situation you have mentioned, you should have at least SC still and the company you work for should know how to transfer it. All they need is your Army details. I did exactly the same when I moved from Army to *cough* EDS *cough, but sadly after leaving them, this new company did not transfer it. So it is down to individual companies to apply to transfer it
  9. You will probably have SC clearance. Clearance automatially lapses if you don't "use" it for 12 months.

    You can call the DVA on:

    T: 01904-662644
    Mil T: 94777-2644

    They will be unwilling to tell you what level you have, although if you say that you are applying for a SC cleared post, ask if there will there be a problem, they will say wether you have anything to worry about.
  10. Ok, Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  11. Yes it does lapse, end of discussion on this matter. If you are in a post that doesn't "use" the clearance you have it will lapse, and have to be re-applied for by a list X company.
  12. SC level clearance is reviewed every 10 years
  13. or 5 depending on the company renewing it.