Security Clearance?

Depends on what job you are doing. Normally SC, you won't get DV'd unless your particular job requires it as it costs a big load of wonga to do.
Haha righty, wanted to apply for a job but said i needed SC & the company has said i should either have BC, SC or DV having left the forces. So i'd have to apply, yes?
Also be aware that the clearance is only valid for a certain period of time, plus if there are gaps in your employement history that can also loose you your clearance, and finally the worst part is only certain firms are allowed to apply to transfer your clearance to them. I had (have) SC clearance from my previosu job 5 months ago, but the firm io currently work for wont apply to have it transfered and instead had to redo all the forms just to get a BC clearance :(
Chap_in_Black, in the situation you have mentioned, you should have at least SC still and the company you work for should know how to transfer it. All they need is your Army details. I did exactly the same when I moved from Army to *cough* EDS *cough, but sadly after leaving them, this new company did not transfer it. So it is down to individual companies to apply to transfer it
You will probably have SC clearance. Clearance automatially lapses if you don't "use" it for 12 months.

You can call the DVA on:

T: 01904-662644
Mil T: 94777-2644

They will be unwilling to tell you what level you have, although if you say that you are applying for a SC cleared post, ask if there will there be a problem, they will say wether you have anything to worry about.
Dontdreamit said:
Clearance doesnt 'lapse' at all.

I currently hold DV and am well aware of how long my vetting lasts for.

Under the age of 21 your clearance must be reviewed every 12 months However over the age of 21 a typical DV clearance will last for 8 years.

If, as I suspect you currently hold SC then you 'have' SC no matter what. Its not certain companies that are 'allowed to have it'. All your clearance is registered with the Defence Vetting Agency so feel free to contact them. Any company wishing to confirm your security clearance can do so through them. They have a website.

Also be sure to check whether you applied for a CTC (Counter Terrorism Check) as they are pretty much standard for a posting to Northern Ireland.

Even if the time limit has lapsed its still useful to say 'I previously had a CTC check however in my current post I no longer needed it'.

Good luck buddy.
Yes it does lapse, end of discussion on this matter. If you are in a post that doesn't "use" the clearance you have it will lapse, and have to be re-applied for by a list X company.
SC level clearance is reviewed every 10 years
I'm not talking about serving soldiers, since you use the clearance all the time in the forces. I'm talking about SC clearance in civvie st, as the originator of this thread is leaving the Army, and wondered what level he would have.

In civvie st your SC clearance will lapse after 12 months if your go to a job that doesn't require it.
i find it interesting that everyone assumes that chap-in-black has SC just because he's been in the army.

depending on previous employment (arms storeman, commissioning etc) you may well be SC. but minimum for soldier is BC, so unless i'm missing something i'm not sure why so many people are asserting you are "probably SC cleared".

suggest you follow DDI's advice and ring DVA.

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