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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hartman, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Please can someone, with experience of applying for (civvy) jobs for which security clearance is required, help me with a couple of questions?

    Are there specialist agencies that deal with this?

    Are there jobs available in commerce for security cleared people or mainly defence and other government agencies?

    Would you say it's an asset to mention, on your CV, that you are security cleared and to what level?

    I am looking to expand my horizons career-wise and would like to utilise this, apparently valuable, asset.

    Many thanks
  2. Depends what qualifications you have. There is a considerable list of employers requiring clearance.
  3. Thank you - where might I find this considerable list please? :lol:
  4. You won't and its not that valuable. Apply for jobs first. Its ridiculous to think you will target employers just because you have it.

    You obviously aren't Int Corps...
  5. All the employment agencies along Victoria St in London cater to the local market - i.e. all the civil service offices. Often the adverts in the window say "security clearance required".
  6. I agree with Bossdog, I personally left the forces holdin DV status.....guess what? Had to be DV'd again on accepting a new post as part of a short term contract. 8O
    It makes little difference to a number of employers if you are cleared, they will go through their SOP's and start from the beginning again.

    Best of luck :D

  7. You generally have to be security cleared for the specific organisation you're working for. You won't get a certificate. I needed to get separate clearance for the Home Office, MOD Whitehall and a host of others. It does speed things up if your name is on a list with a related organisation. e.g. my application for MOD took a week (thanks to army number) while other people in my firm took a month - the boss's application took two months because he refused advice on how to fill in a military form and it was returned three times).
  8. Thank you for your baiting answer.

    Can you please explain why you believe it is "ridiculous" to think I might look for jobs requiring it?

    clownbasher, fastmedic and putteesinmyhands - thank you
  9. Cos its not that much of a big deal. If you haven't got it then its easy enough to get (if you fit the criteria of the questionnaire) through the potential employer.

    Don't think its a magical gift and you must be special. Loads of people have it....
  10. My wife used to be a Registered Child Minder. Part of the process is that everybody in the house has to be police-checked. This has sometimes been more valuable than a security clearance. (Seriously - try working in some schools).
  11. msr

    msr LE


    You get the job because of the skills which you have, not the security clearance. That comes later.

  12. You can apply for the CRB check at your local police station for a small fee.
  13. Sometimes your clearance can be passed between companies, but not from the MOD to civvie street. Its worth mentioning is your DV cleared as the comapny then knows that you will be able to pass under their wing and not waste the money! Again, its worth more as a civvie to say your DV cleared as they are much more willing to pass it accross!

  14. A DV (developed vetting) clearance is required to work on some MOD/GOV contracts and is thus invaluable if you want that job. Funnily enough it comes at a cost for which the DVA in York will be happy enough render an invoice to your sponsoring organisation. More info on line.

    In civvy street you might find that it means hehaw as they sometimes regards secrecy/security from a different angle.
  15. Or you could look at:{F0D87EA8-198E-48A9-AD79-155AACEA3004}