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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SKJOLD, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Need to prove to new employer that:

    a. I am not a terrorist. Never have been or ever will be.
    b. I am not a criminal and never have been and ever will be(speeding fines don't count)
    c. I am generally an all round good egg that just wants to do a good days work for a good days pay.

    Which application form do I need to fill out or Govern-mental dept do I need to visit?


  2. The best that anything can show is that you haven't been caught for anything at the period in time the record is produced. Stuart Hall, Saville, and numerous others would have sailed through a CRB check - as indeed they probably did. I say probably as I understand that many media luvvies are 'self-employed' and therefore operate as a business and not an individual. Loop-hole there straightaway.
  3. Having just done this for my new job with NATO NSPA ill give you my experience.
    If you are working for a company that requires you to have NATO SECRET for example then they set up a Cerberus account via DBS NSV. You then get a Login and password. You cannot get Clearance just because you want it.
    The online form is long winded and you will need a lot of info to complete it. Its harder if you dont know some family history like i didnt. Dont lie.....they will find out!
    As you fill in the sections (about 15) in all they get a little green tick next to it and when all complete you get the chance to check it then you submit.
    After that you are locked out and you have to wait for either your employer saying its come back good to go, you have failed because of your Taliban Supporters Club membership or DBS want more info off you.
    It can take weeks or in my case 6 days which is very quick.
  4. What he said ^.

  5. You can pop into your nearest police station, pay a fee and they will do some checks and provide you with a police check that states you are not known to them (or words to that effect depending on which police authority)

    I think you can also do it on-line in some areas.
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  6. I've had to fill one in recently, and either I guessed right every time, or they don't check too closely.

    All but one, which for a reason which escapes me now, isn't tickcee'd until the very end.

    Mine took over eight weeks. There was a backlog at the time which I don't think has cleared, I work with people who started applying at the same time as I did who still have not received their clearance.
  7. I have had to do this for my new post. Total cost was £21.50 and took a total of two hours to complete.

    Exactly the same info as the new DBS requirement was was quoted as taking up to eight weeks!

  8. You have to be interviewed, at length, for DV and can take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months to come through.

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  9. Last SC check I completed stated that speeding/traffic offences did count. As I've had a fair few over the last 35 years all I could put was "various traffic and speeding offences dating back to 1978, last one on xx/xx/xx"

    Still awaiting results - 3 weeks and waiting
  10. You don't say what level of clearance is needed e.g Counter Terrorist Check, SECRET clearance or if you have been cleared before. I was previously TS cleared so my SC came through like an Express Train when I left the mob.
  11. As highlighted by other posters, Security Clearance normally requires a sponsor (i.e. your new employer).

    Some TA (offrs/WOs) can be SC'd (but I'm guessing that might take a while if not already done...)

    CRB is an option.

    One you can do yourself is apply to ACPO to charge you an arm and a leg for a Police Certificate.
    It can be done in a day or so and is adequate for immigration to Australia, NZ, Canada and US.
  12. How does being DV cleared transpose into civvy street, once outside? I'd imagine it would be a case of 'restart the clock'???
  13. From what i have been told it anything gained in the mil goes towards a new application with a civvy company. Mine will run out in 2020 but if i go to another company it has to be reapplied for but a lot quicker than the initial application.
    Of course if someone knows better than may shed further light.
  14. Again a sponsor is required. If "someone" you know is leaving the services soon, I'd advise "him" to have a chat with a contractor/bodyshop that offers DV/SC candidates with "his" skill sets/qualifications/experience to clients.

    "He" might get his clearance then sponsored by said company and have an initial job on arrival in Civvy Street, whilst "he" works out what the hell "he's" supposed to do now
  15. Depends SM. I was TS (DV in modern speak) cleared and immediately went to work for a firm where SC was required - transposition no probs. I then left this firm and had no need for clearance for 5 years then went to work where I am now. However I only needed SC and this happened within a week or so. DV would be another matter and as you say back to round 1 - but with a lot of research having already taken place e.g. the Gents Toilet incident was a one-off until 1999 - so check from then:)