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Folks, quick question - What level of security clearance is needed to hace access to armouries etc?

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why are you asking this at 3 am on new years day?
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Bank holiday monday, someone has been watching League Of Gentleman or The Town. Or wants to become a arms kote storeman.
Kill 'im. Just do it.
I'm pushing guys through clearance at the minute for some specific sites requiring SC.

I am new to the whole SC thing but am aware that the person granted SC is considered cleared for that site/role only, a few lads have had previous SC but my defence contractor guru is shunting them forward along with everyone else so in essence you are only cleared for the site your on although I have been reliably informed by a Lockheed Martin type that this is due to change.

We have had clearanced returned in 2 weeks and some are still waiting 6 months down the line.

I does also seem that those working direct for the Office for National Stastitics/Home Office and just like that get a pretty quick turn around (as do thoes working within secure facilities, ie, lab-techs ect)
If you are a contractor you need to speak to someone who is a member of the Defence Industry Security Association. They are supposed to have a handle on this sort of thing.

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