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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Derfel2010, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Derfel2010

    Derfel2010 Swinger

    Guys I have to get SC cleared. I have a couple of those £70 on the spot fines for public disorder - being a pratt and drunk, not good arguing with coppers lol.

    It was about four years ago, any idea if they will be a problem, I never went to court, and they don't show up on my CRB, as not technically a criminal record.

    I get the idea this might be an interesting point of discussion.....
  2. Idrach

    Idrach LE

    If you admitted them when you joined up and they are as you say, especially if you were a bit young at the time, I can't see you having any real problem.

    Fixed penalty notices didn't really exist (except for traffic offences) when I was running platoons of young lads - but they got in to the usual range of trouble (service and civvy police) and generally maintained their clearances.

    Admit them on the sodding forms, though. They will catch you out and, lying to the vetting people is the easiest way not to get a(ny) clearance.
  3. madpad_01

    madpad_01 Old-Salt

    So long as you declear it o your SC from you should be ok.

    The SC mostly ask's about family back ground they want to make sure you have no relitives that may be linked to banned groups (IRA, ILA, to name a few)

    You TM/RAO should be able to give you more advice on this.
  4. Idrach

    Idrach LE

    Actually, that's a completely different clearance - the Counter Terrorist Check (see SPF, V3.0, Policy 3, para 6 for the openly released explanation.)
  5. JD150

    JD150 War Hero

    As above just make sure you declare them on the form and there shouldn't be an issue. Theft and other crimes of untrustworthiness are much more likely to affect an SC application.
  6. Needle_Point

    Needle_Point War Hero


    I had a feller on my relief as a uniformed police officer who had a s5 Public Order fixed penalty notice that he picked up whilst he was a copper.

    It won't be a problem, I suggest.

    There is a school of thought that you're not a well rounded chap until you've had at least one decent brush with the law!

    And the Armyis more grown up about these things than the police!
  7. Born_Again_Stab

    Born_Again_Stab Old-Salt

    I'm SC cleared. I have convictions for Section 2 & 3 Public Order Act. I declared everything. No dramas.

    Honesty is the only policy.
  8. Hantslad

    Hantslad Old-Salt

    Section 2? Good effort Sir!
  9. spad

    spad War Hero

    BAS well done on the section 1!! :D
  10. Derfel2010

    Derfel2010 Swinger

    Thanks guys, sounds like I can relax and I will certainly be declaring them!

    in reply to yor question 'whatamidoing' it is for the Army.