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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tags77, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. I am in the process of join the TA Royal Signals as a System Engineering Technician can anyone tell me what level of security clearance I will attain once all the paper work is done.

    My employer would like to know as it may help me in my civiy job.

    Cheers :lol:
  2. Oy you feckin muppet. How many times do you want to ask the same question? No wonder you want to be a scaley...etc...etc...etc

    The answer (again) is: SC. (SECRET....ssssshhhh....tell no-one....)
  3. 8O You're taking the píss, right. Does someone have to explain to you what restricted and secret mean? Egit.
  4. Tags 77, in answer to your question, you are required to complete MoD Form 1109 Security Questionnaire, in order to assist in determining your suitability to have access to protectively marked materials up to and including SECRET. The decision whether to grant you your security clearance or not rests entirely with the staff at Defence Vetting Agency in York i.e. it is not a unit responsibility. The Royal Signals (both Regular and TA) is a 'closed' corps i.e. you cannot enlist into it successfully without the necessary attainment of the minimum standard of security clearance, namely SC (Security Checked). With regard to helping you in your civilian employment, there is probably little direct relevance; however, it can help expedite relevant enquires if similar checks are required in civilian employment e.g. working for an MoD contractor or another government department. It is, however, of no relevance if you are working with children and/or vulnerable adults and require Criminal Record Bureau Standard or Enhanced Disclosure checks. Regardless of any level of security clearance held, you remain from the moment of enlistment subject to provisions of the Official Secrets Act.
  5. They tell you ..................................weren't you listening?
  6. However Tags.....if you fail on any one of the checks, you should not expect to be told of the reason for your rejection, and indeed will not be told. Your gap year on the Neverland Ranch should give you a clue though....
  7. Enhanced disclosure provides feedback though, from most of the checks anyway.

    Security clearance levels can be transefered to your civi employment if required, useful in project management/consultancy companies with Gov contracts. Get in touch with RHQ once your in and a copy of your vetting certificate can be sent to your employer.
  8. Vetting certificates are not to be copied (it says so on the certificate) and they are not to be forwarded to civilian employers either. You can make mention of what security clearance you had to a prospective employer (ie. on your CV) - this will give them an indication that you should get security clearance if they apply for it through DVA. Suggest you have a chat with your PVRO.
  9. I would be slightly concerned that a civvie employer is keen to find out the level of your security briefing.

    IMO this should be raised with your chain of command.
  10. Ok so perhaps the certificate is not copied but they employer can at least get the dva reference number, get it checked out and have clearance transfered. Happens all the time in company I work for (large international) and very I'm sure some one would have noticed by now if it was not legitimate.

    A civi employer may have many valid reasons for needing staff with clearance, if you already hold it then you are a greater asset.
  11. Regardless of clearance, 'need to know' still applies. Being cleared to ‘Eat Before Reading’ doesn’t mean you can bimble into the CB office and borrow a copy of Nano Nukes for 5.56 Ammo and Their Use In Crowd Control When Aiding the Civil Power. Your employer may be disappointed.
  12. guys .. not really a topic we should be talking about in the open. Yes I know nothing much has been said, but this a dodgy topic to have on here
  13. Why is it Medical in Confidence :twisted: only joking
  14. So medical in confidence is no longer just the cost of a pint? What's happened to AMS tradition?
  15. Still there - very much still there :p