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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by henrythompson98, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. I need to do a security clearance and on the form it states, "a check against the National Collection of Criminal Records and relevant departmental and police records" - what does this mean and what does it include?
  2. It means that they will check your name against the National Collection of Criminal Records and relevant departmental and police records.

    So if you have a criminal record (no not Max Bygraves greatest hits) then they will find out about it so don't lie.
  3. The vetting people will have a dim view of you if you sign the declaration and don't put any convictions on (including spent) and the check reveals you have some. If you are embarrassed by the nature of your conviction (exposing yourself for instance) you may detach the decalaration bit and put it in a separate sealed envelope, this will then be dealt with in the strictest confidence .....

    as it is clipped to the front to the proforma and circulated throughout the department.
  4. In descending order of seriousness, just tick the box that applies to you:

    Criminal Records - a nationwide (not Europe or ROTW) check of convictions where you have actually appeared in court. Minor driving matters dealt with by post are not included, but no insurance, drink-drive or disqualified is. Best to declare everything anyway.

    Anything for which you received a Formal Caution by civpol is also included. You did it, you just didn't need to go to Court for it.

    Unconvicted persons can also appear on the Sex Offender's register for one reason or another: they know they're there, it's not a secret from them.

    All Firearms and Shotgun holders are registered within the same computer as criminal records.

    'Relevant Departmental' is where the issues lie, besides internal discipline or courts martial, your department may well keep records of 'near-misses' with your disciplinary system where you didn't actually get busted. Best to offer early disclosure or seek informed advice, not from the interweb.

    'Relevant Police' might well include disclosure of verifiable intelligence - stuff they know that you don''t know they know, e.g. you mail-ordering kilo's of sugar and weedkiller, paying for your rapist's mask by credit card, the usual quiet-night-in stuff.

    Don't let this get you down, honesty and transparency is what they're looking for, not squeaky-clean people who have never taken part in life. MK
  5. I have had a summons a few years back from a magistrates court for driving offenses which I pleaded guilty for by post and paid the fine. Thing is, I did an enhanced CRB check for a recent job and it is not listed as spent or unspent on there. Does that mean it's not a conviction and not central records, and so don't need to declare it?
  6. Easy peasy - read the form (I presume that you are in the process of completing a MOD Form 1109 - Seurity Check/Counter Terrorist Check):

    Any clearer?