Security Checks

Without meaning to sound dodgy what do security checks on applicants involve?

Do they look at family / friends?

Do they ring up every ex employer for a reference?

I was cautioned for a public order offence six years ago, I was told that it would not affect my application and that I would not even have to declare it, is this true:?
Take a look here: and work it out. The level of clearance required is down to the role you want to do. Reading it you could work out that armed forces receive at least CTC and BC (as part of it). Ask at your nearest career centre.

They may or may not call one or more of your past employers and character referee's, up to them - they can only start with the references you provide.

Many things are taken into account, I don't know where rehab of offenders lies with your query regarding public disorder - I'm not a legal bod. Ask at your nearest forces career centre - I guess someone would know, or contact and ask DVA yourself. Be truthful.
Apparantly the army automatically classes cautions as spent and it will not affect me one bit (looked round the internet).
as said depends on what you wish to do.

DV >Int Corps, some R SIGS, some AGC, some Officers, those personnel requiring access to Crypto, STRAP, or TS.

SC >ALL OFFICERS(so if you cant obtain clearance you will not be commissioned), REME Armourers, Armskote wallahs, anyone requiring regular access to PM SECRET

BC >Even the cleaner has BC.

If you are in a position of being interviewed by DVA, tell the truth. They do extensive checks, and are usualy ex-CID/SB, or indeed 'others'.So they have a keen sense of smell when it comes to BULLSH1T. That is when they really start to dig.

It usually doesnt matter what you have done in the past as long as it doesnt involve kids or animals, anarchism/terrorism/extreme political views, or that you are so embarrassed by it you try to hide it.

Ask yourself this question...have you done anything you would be less than comfortable reading about on page 5 of the Sun? If so...think hard.

A caution is hardly big news.It depends what the public order offence was. Hooliganism? BNP rally? Probably not. Pissing on the street...probably yes. :D
oh and for dv, yes family and close friends are checked(~mainly immediate family and girlfriends etc). if your best mate has just been sent down for 5 years because of the membership of an illegal organisation...goodbye!
EmKay, on the subject of security checks, out of interest how long have you been waiting.
Myself I have been waiting now for 8 weeks , I have no ties to N-Ireland as some people state that it takes longer if you have, and I am an Ex Reg. How long does this process last???
my advice would be - be completely and utterly truthful. of course you look at porn, of course you drink. if you have been nicked or cautioned, i would tell them, personally. they will find out anyway, and it looks far better for you if you have been scrupulously honest.

they are more interested in your integrity than your minor character flaws, in my experience. i always tell them absolutely everything - its just a necessary evil you go through every few years, and if the vetting officer is an ok bloke it can actually be quite a giggle. you only have anything to worry about if you have hidden anything.

there is a very well-known (well from my era, anyway) guy who decided to try and get booted out in 91. was in ireland, second or third tour and he wanted out - but didnt want to march in and announce he was gay (the instant ticket). and by coincidence his vetting review was due.

so (lets call him D) told us what happened when he implemented his foolproof plan. im sure he exaggerated a little too, as we sat round the dinner table that day... but i must stress that any exaggeration or misremembering is purely my fault and entirely deliberate (dont let the truth... etc), but you get the rough idea behind his plan for a quick ejection from the army:

"so do you drink much Cpl D?"
"well you know, pretty much every night. lisburn is great, every night there is a party on somewhere so i get wrecked most nights. and weekends are awesome, if youre not working you can hang one on for 48 hours straight. you know, games of shock down the greenfly, you can go through bottles of apfelkorn like nobody's business." (should i have played it up more, he wonders?)

"hmmm. so what about drugs?"
"well you know how it is, bit of weed when im home on leave, tried a couple of pills a few months ago. i get bored on leave and all my mates do it, so..." (chuckling to self - plan going great).

"so, lets talk about sex Cpl D. how many partners have you had since your last interview?"
"cant remember, to be honest. shag a different chick every week, sometimes army, sometimes a local. some of them are a bit dodgy, i can tell you! f*cking hell, twinbrook on a friday night... and there is this married chick whose hubby is away on course, ive been kicking her back doors in on a regular basis too. oh, and dont forget the whores." (plan going grand, getting well into this!)

"how are your finances then?"
"well to be honest, im in a bit of sh*t. had to take out a massive loan cos i spent all my money on booze and whores, and these blokes are gonna do my kneecaps if i dont keep up with the vig. so im thinking of pimping myself out as a rent boy to try and make 50p here and there." (should be out by the weekend at this rate).

so D sits back and waits for the end - bags are mentally packed and he's already half-dekitted. to be met with a comment something like this:

"i want to congratulate you Cpl D. in all the years i have been doing vetting interviews, i think you are the first person who has ever been completely honest with me."

vetting approved, carry on son! but what a cracking record to have on your vetting file... :D
The caution was for causing "harrasment, alarm or distress". It was back in 99 and came after a row with a girl friend (as opposed to girlfriend).

I spoke to the afco this morning, they told me that it won't count against me one bit and that only convictions casue problems; apparantly even then some people are still able to join.

On the subject I currently work with young adults and had to have an "enchanced" CRB check before I was offered the job.

Nothing showed up despite this (supposably) being the most in depth level of search they can do on you.

Apparantly it does take longer if you have links to N.I. Someone I know had to wait three months.
Not mentioning it is a whole lot more serious than the original offence.

I saw a PO marched off the square, straight to mess, pickup kit, take off green stuff, marched to gate and ejected, all whilst the rest of us continued the drill lesson. Petty offence committed aged 12ish and dealt with by caution, but not declared on the form.

Write them all down, and unless it specifically says otherwise all the traffic ones as well. If you can't remember the exact dates then say so and give an indication in longhand.
The best thing to do is to put down as much information as you can.

As if you don't mention it you could be refused for non-declaration.


Book Reviewer
Coming at it from a different angle but still relevant:

Don't assume that they won't check all info either. A good friend of mine is in the Navy and he put me down as a reference when he was up for promotion. Naval bod appeared at my then work and asked me to arrange a private office for 'a chat'. This took about an hour and a half.

Basically went over my mate's entire life: Any Irish relatives, does he flash his money around, anything he could be blackmailed about, any convictions for him or members of his family, sexual orientation (this was about 10 years ago), what does he mention about work, always good for a loan etc.

He had to put three referees down and I was the only one contacted but they do check.

Honesty would seem to be the best policy.
I had an interesting issue, my wife is from NI

I got round a potentially tricky situation by telling the truth and not elabroating, you see she is from NI, her entire family is from NI BUT she was born in Hounslow, and the form only asks you where she was born.
wellyhead said:
I had an interesting issue, my wife is from NI

I got round a potentially tricky situation by telling the truth and not elabroating, you see she is from NI, her entire family is from NI BUT she was born in Hounslow, and the form only asks you where she was born.
Did it not ask about her parents :?: I would have thought wife and immediate family i.e her parents were standard questions.
I am filling out the security form at the moment.

Declared my caution and a driving offence (failure to stop for a crossing) from 1998 which got me 3 points.

Hope there won't be any problems - I can't see why there would be. :)

Does anyone think any different?
are there any real no go areas for DV?? im planning on admiting the usual drinking, fighting shagging, porn, police cautions, and the "interesting" weekends in amsterdam!!! apart from that nothing i really want to hide most of it is common knowledge anyway (apart from to my old dear)
wellyhead said:
I had an interesting issue, my wife is from NI

I got round a potentially tricky situation by telling the truth and not elabroating, you see she is from NI, her entire family is from NI BUT she was born in Hounslow, and the form only asks you where she was born.
used to be something for NI specific/sensitive jobs, only applys when necessary as it all peaceful now :?
Cautions do not count as convictions unless you are applying for specific corps (RAMC, QARANC, RMP) Therefore you do not have to disclose.

PM me for further info if reqd
Who are you going to trust more Emkay? A bunch of anonymous users on a website who claim to be soldiers etc, or people from the RMP/careers office etc whose job it is to recruit people? :roll:

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