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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ANDYFREI, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. i have a criminal record based on one offence commited 5 years ago, sentenced to 2 years YOI
    *i have no other convictions

    a security check has been completed by the AFCO, and i have passed that.

    i was just wondering if anyone is aware of any further security checks, that need to be completed?

    Or does this depend on the job applied for e.g. sigs or infantry.

    I appreciate any help or information that can be provided, Many Thanks
  2. yep depends on what job your looking for!!!
  3. When would any further check be completed?

    Prior to phase 1, or during?
  4. Again it depends on your job choice, most are done after Phase One, it worries me slightly that you seemed concerned about a Full security check
    What have you got to hide????
  5. not what i have to hide, more what i have to lose.

    i have a full time job that i will not be able to return to should i leave, so whilst i have a strong desire to join the army i cannot start phase 1, and then fail the security check.
  6. This has got to be a wind up

    Simple if you have nothing to hide then you wont fail a full security check
    End of chat
  7. i have a criminal conviction. i am naturally concerned about gambling my job and my livelihood.

    how comprehensive is the AFCO based security check, compared to a security check completed during phase 1
  8. Have a chat with your AFCO, no doubt they have clocked you on this site as you have used your real name so maybe they will be wanting chat when you call in. :)

    Further checks depend on what badge and trade you go for and these checks dont usually start until phase 2. If you fail those checks then its back to career choices and seeing whats available.

    Out of interest what job in the Sigs were you after?
  9. msi64 i see what hes saying, i dont think hes winding anyone up, i however dont know the answer, sorry.
  10. communications systems engineer.

    i did well on the BARB - 69 (+ strong a-levels). so i had most job choices available to me

    so if i failed a SC typre job, could i re-apply in a CTC level job

    BTW not winding anyone up, its obviously very serious for me.
  11. I’ve got a friend with SC clearance who in his youth was a drug dealer.
    He was only ever cautioned but none the less his police records have him down as a drug dealer.

    So long as you’re completely honest during your security checks/interview then you’ll be fine… IF you’re past digressions are spent and you didn’t do anything too serious.

    If you should fail further security checks then all that means is that you won’t be able to do certain trades/appointments that require clearance.
    If that’s the case then there are plenty of other jobs open to you that don’t need anything more than your current BC.

    Don’t stress :)
  12. i have been honest from the start. my first question to the AFCO was if i could join with a criminal record.

    many thanks for all your comments i appreciate it!
  13. What did you do out of interest?

    20p says it’s not as bad as you think.
  14. i would keep your money!

    many thanks your help goku, what jobs are BC only (if worse came to worst) are we talking infantry, RAC etc?

  15. Security checks really are not that bad, they are just making sure you won't load the armoury into a transit. I had to fill out the paperwork for mine when everybody realised I never had clearance to be in the armourers workshop around 4 months into my posting. I was denied access to the shop for around 20 minutes until they realised nobody else was there to fix weapons. :)

    Edit: I flew through my clearance despite a caution back when I was a teenager for "supplying" ammunition. You probably have nothing to worry about. :wink: