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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by shortfuse, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Chaps, you wont often find me asking a serious question, but knowing there are as many ex as serving on this site i am after some info.

    I am in the shopfitting game, and a client of mine has asked me to do a feasibility study into putting electric locks/door closers on all his retail premises in londod, and eventually rolling out across europe.

    Now i've looked into this a bit, and realise there is a lot more to it than just fitting them, with HSE, and disabled legislation to name just 2 pitfalls that can befall them.

    Can any of you guys (via PM) recommend any good installation companies i can sub this tireless chore out to, who can work GB wide, and if necessary further afield.

    Thanks for that.
  2. I think you are right about the problems associated with this.

    Might be better to find out what the problem is and what effect they want to achieve before diving down the solution rabbit hole.

    Technology alone will not always provide the most cost effective solution.

    This website might be worth a search SMT

    If you can get a free subscription there are lots of reputable vendors in the classified ads at the back.

  3. What sub said.
  4. Shortfuse, the answer to your question will depend on many factors, the chief of which are:
    What is the purpose of the lock/closer? Automatic closing after each entry to maintain environment? Panic shutting to prevent thieves escaping? Convenience - lock several doors from one location?
    What is the nature of your client's business? Does it warrant investing in high security locks with associated alarm systems?
    What type of premises are used? All modern - cabling to run inside extrusions? All "traditional" - need to chase plasterwork? Purpose-built to uniform specification - one (or few) solutions applicable to all properties? Property stock built up over many years - each solution will be unique?
    Do the doors need replacing to match the standard of the lock?

    Depending on the answers, you could end up with the likes of Chubb (for high security), an international cladding manufacturer (if new door sets are needed in sufficient quantity to make the work viable), a national double-glazing installer, a jobbing builder and electrician or the local locksmiths.

    As part of your feasibility study, you may want to consider the disruption and potential loss of trade that would result from installing the locks (the time taken to install would depend on the ease of routing cables etc) - your client may consider it more cost-effective to station a member of staff at the exit instead.
  5. Guys, thanks for all your input so far, in reality we could make some dough out of this, but i feel the aggro factor involved far outweighs the monetary gain to be made once all subbies are paid/approvals are granted.

    Just to show you briefly the naivety of the people i am dealing with, i got rifted for not producing it earlier as

    "we've had a product snatch in the royal exchange"

    I asked politely if it was their company policy to lock in desperate and possibly violent thieves with members of their staff... blank looks.

    I seriously dont think they've thought this through at all, and all info you have given me here is gratefully recieved...

    Shortfuse switching back to immature f uckwit mode... :)
  6. Whateverthefyoudo, SF, get references on the phone from a few companies who've contracted any potential installers you fancy from their bills of quantity. I'm still chucking rocks at the gang who were supposed to do this for me in the space of a couple of weeks in August last year and have yet to commission.

    Admittedly they were Joburg spivs, and I should have been warned by the size of their management Mercedes fleet, but their management mostly come from Manchester.