Security at the Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guardian_Reader, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Too much of the security we see is security theater (a Schneier term). I've posted this article to see if anyone shares Bruce Schneier's view. I think the articles he writes make a lot of sense and economist magazine rate him highly. You can sumarise his idea as follows:-

    *Openess improves security. (one example he uses is bank safes)
    *Use of Insurance in the computer industry (In britian pressure by insurance firms have done much to improve car security)
  3. Explain the question, is it a good idea or bad idea in what context? Security or article?
  5. Might have another go at expressing my ideas at somepoint, my post was a bit confused. :oops:

    Clearly bad idea to post something in a rush.

    I was trying to get Bruce Schneier's views to a wider audience, and find out what other people think of his ideas.
  6. I don't know anything about this Bruce Scheier, but if I had been that Brazilian runner, I would of been bouncing that kilt-wearing tw*t's head off the nearest of the " concrete poles" that those CCTV cameras were mounted on. :evil:

  7. Bicker among ourselves, claim that people like us won't be watched it's all the others they'll watch, blame everything on Muslims.
  8. Alot of the military security (be it mainly for show or whatever) does have the bonus that it's relatively low cost. The personnel are being paid anyway, the kit is already bought. The main costs are fuel and the costs of mobilising a few thousand TA. Police costs are a bit different by the time you factor in overtime pay, etc.
  9. I always giggle at LRAD being called a weapon. It's a big loudspeaker. Perfect thing for communicating from ship to ship or passing information/warnings to large crowd but playing techno at a loud volume would have a much better detterent effect on people.

  10. Well it almost worked here as a weapon of mass destruction .... Linky ... Dick Barton Strikes Back (1949) - IMDb ... but I really am showing my age .... fortunately Dick Barton stepped in and saved the country .
  11. I ask the same question.

    Can the OP please explain what he considers "the Good Idea" to be.
  12. Having "attended" the Occupy London May 12th protest in a work capacity yesterday, I noticed that some of the speakers are saying that it's the cost of security that is dragging this country into recession, what with (and I quote their words here) "a fkin great warship based at Greenwich, Missile bases all over London inside peoples gardens (?) and squaddies rampaging all over London as though it's going to be a war zone".