Security at Oz Barracks?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Idrach, Aug 6, 2009.

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    A real issue or just journalism for the sake of it? It came in on one of my work mailing lists.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Security at Australian Army Barracks are rubbish compared to the UK (I've served with both Armies).

    The Aussies should take a leaf out of the British Army's books (as they've dealt with a terrorist threat for the best part of 30 years).

    Oz Barracks typically only have a Group4 or a Serco guy on the front gate simply waving people through who flash a car pass or Defence ID.

    No such things as MGS or an armed soldier on the gate, which should be standard practise I reckon!
  3. And a soldier on the back gate, and the side gates, and a roving patrol, and a QRF ... but all the soldiers are either training for Afghan, in Afghan or just got back from Afghan (or Timor or Solomons or SECDET). Sounds good, ain't going to happen.