Securicor wants Gurkha terror taskforce for the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Oh yes!

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  2. Only if it includes Ghurkhas of all religions and ethnic backgrounds

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  3. We don’t need one because nothing is wrong with the UK

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  4. Its a start but we need much more

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  1. Way to go!!!
  2. Alternatively, why not simply ressurect the HSF in a Civil Defence role - or the CD Corps full stop? Fcuking Securicor? Looters? Would that be a fixed penalty? FFS. Grizzled ex-para with an SLR would do the trick though. :roll:
  3. Why not just leave Regs and TA alone and get us Long Term Reserves of our fat arrses.
  4. only if gangs of chavs can be re classed as terrorists.
    and we get videos of there last moments :twisted:
    not sure which would be the best bit the look on there faces before they get beaten
    or the beating itself :twisted:
  5. Good intentions but why a private firm ? Oh and " get us Long Term Reserves of our fat arrses" wasnt that the plan originaly?.

    standing by...
  6. Please no.
    I have served with them and bless them they are hugely loyal and, mostly, and very keen but do not tend to show much initiative which is what would be required in post disaster scenarios. I suspect that Securicorps see it as a cash cow. They could bkeep these guys on a very low retainer and charge the govt through the nose for them.
    Where would they be based?
    Are there enough 'ladies of the Night' in the area that they would be 'stored'

  7. Ahhh you see chaps, the “Snivel Libertarians” don’t want to see soldiers on the streets. That would be an admission that everything we have been predicting had come to pass.

    “Mummy Mummy why is there a soldier on the street carrying a gun”

    “Ahhhh son, that’s cos the Muslims just detonated a dirty bomb and killed half of London. Now the government have been forced to admit the softly softly approach hasn’t worked”.

    “But mummy, everyone told me these Muslims weren’t a big threat. I read it on ARSE”

    “sorry son, they lied to you”

    MUCH better to just have a few Asian Securicor guys standing there. Its PC, and non military. The left wing loonies would lap it up.
  8. The Government may go for it.....reasoning that if there is violent civil unrest on a large scale [and the way things are going I think it's a certainty sooner or later] they could use them to beat civpop into submission. The pollies own army to protect themselves and their acolytes.
  9. Thought that was the new role for the TA as announced a few years ago - coping with home "events" whilst the Regs fight it out abroad? Mind you, would rather have a load of ex-Johnny G on the streets than some of the Walts you get these days.
  10. Just a thought, why must it have to be ex Ghurkas, what's wrong with any ex squaddie who's done afew years ? I doubt if a lot of their language skills are really up to the standard needed to understand all the regional accents and dialects they'd come across in that sort of job.
  11. Oh dear expect the Legion of cnutier men to "volunteer" soon :roll:
  12. Does this mean security at various London galleries & museums will suffer then?
  13. Because Securicor can pay Gurkhas less?
  14. Can't see this working, who would pay for them on the 360 days a year there wasn't a major disaster on?

  15. Group 4 Securicor which i believe is 'predominantly offshore' owned cash cowing.

    What is this country coming too when we start to accept that using Terror as a basic for the private sector to make a profit from is acceptable?

    Blackwater on the cheap FFS