Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ops_Offr, Feb 26, 2002.

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  1. Anyone got any on disc/e-mail. I have got to give a presentation next week and have, of course, just thrown all mine out as I didn't think I'd need them.

    Appreciate it if anyone has - send to

  2. Would love to help but as all you Op's Offr's do is file 13 ( the bin ) well sorry depends which issue & which one the BG is working on could & would help need more info on what the presentation is.
    Here's a tip get out of your pit & office & take a visit to the sig's det  ??? & leave the black labrador behind  :-[

  3. gus


    Not very SECURE if ya start emailing them about now are they :p

  5. They are arrse anyway!

    Just use clear speech on any net, and always be on first name terms with who your talking to!

    It won't matter thats how all RadOps do it ;D
  6. Probably a bit late Ops, but the new Electronic Battlebox has all the SOCs you can eat on it. Very nice CD version - we're almost in the 20th Century now ;D

    Speak to Llangennech or Upavon for a copy
  7. mkw

    mkw Swinger

    dont forget there just generic your unit might amend them to suit their pie eating structure :D
  8. Decent version of SOCs are in EBB, look at the spares and make up your own SOCs. As for a presentation, the best way is to learn and make up your own, relevant to your unit. Don't forget if you make up your own SOCs in presentation format it may be classified so store it correctly.