section sized overseas training


How can i get a section of blokes overseas for a few weeks for a quaility training package.Not for a mince but to keep them intrested for what looks like a crap training year.


yep just 8 blokes, background is we had a very sucessful op tour and after leave i want to capatialise on what we achieved, what i dont want is the usual training area, sat in holes, no realism type exercises.
really wanted to see if i could make it interesting by a diffrent country, work with forgien troops, decent training with some down time.
got a this year to come up with something constructive, or come next tour they will all have left.
I've tried to set this kind of thing up myself, and find that it usually fizzles out somewhere higher up the chain of command.

I don't know if this is due to lack of interest from the higher echelons or if it really is so difficult to get permission.

Best of luck!


Swiss raid ? Sort of cambrian patrol like madness in switzeland no
idea how you get on it though.
Erna Raid in Estonia should be a good one.

There's a few in Germany, at least one in Italy, and last but not least, my unit (in Denmark) is hosting one in February.


How about the Irna Raid in Estonia? Really tough long range patrol competition (make Cambrian look like a warm-up), followed by party in Tallin courtesy of the Estonian MoD, followed by a night of debauchery around the local area.
Take it you're Inf.

You could enter a team in the Lapua Sniper competition in Finland.
Here's details for this years event:
You could contact them for 2007 details.

Marksmanship is always worth pursuing in my view. This would provide some motivation. Don't know if you can enter more than one team though so it might not do for a section. Perhaps not what you're looking for in terms of training but it could be interesting.

I bet a survival course in Norway or Finland would be good come to think of it but I've no idea who you'd ask!


Happy with those thats just the kind of thing i had in mind, never heard of either of them but im very intrested in both, any more would be greatly appreated. cheers fellas

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