Section in defence range, Warcop.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by EX_STAB, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Does this range still exist?
    It had prepared fire trenches with overhead protection and targets that "advanced" from at least 400m, perhaps further.

    If so, could anyone tell me what range number it is, by pm if preferred.
  2. I remember targets that "advanced" from 600m, fall when hit (and they fell!) and a CSM who insisted on throwing thunderflashes into the trenches. Tw*t!
  3. Sounds familiar!
  4. Sounds like good training LOL! :D
  5. While being filmed for the local news?
  6. That's a good start. Thanks! :thumleft:
  7. Yer think it is B4 its not far from the skils house.Do you mean the one were you have to climb through the tunnel to get in to it ? to be honest its a sh!t range. But look on map and its right next to skills house.
  8. Haven't seen it since 1992 so it might have changed!

    Are there similar ones elsewhere that have this capability?
  9. There is one in I think its Feldom right next to the road. Ime sure I will be corrected if wrong ! :?
  10. Feldom is the other side of the Pennines, just north of Richmond. It has a purpose built Coy defensive position.

    B4 and E22 are the defence ranges, and both have purpose built fire trenches, hard targets and electric targets that can simulate an advance or withdrawal. Range wardens are very helpful and the staff at range control are always helpful and curteous.

    PM me if you want more info.
  11. Wasn't aware of this range at all! PM on its way.

    Edit to add:
    I take it this is it here:,+Marske,+North+Yorkshire,+United+Kingdom&sll=50.546296,-3.49733&sspn=0.049196,0.160675&ie=UTF8&cd=2&geocode=0,54.428912,-1.812747&ll=54.423942,-1.804011&spn=0.002815,0.010042&t=h&z=17&om=1

    Interesting how obvious the trenches are from the air!
  12. it was there and still in use two years ago, and i know what you mean about the tunnel getting to it guards, leads into a ditch if i remember correctly
  13. Depends on how you use it. I had a scenario there once where the section was in linear ambush as cutoff for a company area ambush. Other ranges' illum serials and 2 SF guns provided the 'main ambush' effects, then I had a short wait in silence simulating the enemy having broken contact and bugged out. The targetry was then rippled towards the trenches until they hit a trip wire at 100m. The section got extra points for STAP if they initiated before the light went up.

    From what I remember, the Section in Defence range at the East of the Training Area is far better for a defence shoot, though - longer engagement ranges.

    Edited for clarity.