Section 7.1 What are peoples first hand experinces of this?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by EX_STAB, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. I'm eyeing a 455 Webley. Always wanted one. I gather I can have it under Section 7.1

    Any first hand experience of operating under this regime?
  2. Yes. I have Section 7(1)s and 7(3)s.

    It will need to be kept as 'part of a collection' and you will need to show that you are a serious collector. For example being a Full Member of a learned society such as the HBSA helps.
  3. I've so far kept out of RFD'ing Sect5 & Sect7 - too much danger of a slippery slope. I'd end up with about 50 Webleys...

    Beerhunter, does either (1) or (3) allow "test firing" - i.e. possession of ammo? If you happen to have a round of .455 in your ammo collection, does that kick your Webley into Sect5?
  4. Section 7(1) does not allow the possession of ammunition let alone 'test firing' I suspect that possession of suitable ammunition would put one in a similar position to possessing it for any Section 58s that you have.

    As far as Section 7(3) is concerned, test firing for the purposes of research is all that we do because that law does not allow anything else.

    In summary if one wants to fire a Section 7(1) one needs to move it to Section 7(3) in the same fashion as one would move a Section 58 to Section 1.
  5. I've always been interested in "rook and rabbit" rifles chambered for .455 though..... :)
  6. However, one needs to be careful with Section 7(3) ammunition though.

    For example, if you have a Colt M1911 (which I do) you are not allowed to have .45 ACP ammunition at home. It must be kept at the 'Designated Site' along with the pistol. However should you have a De Lisle Carbine look alike, you may keep the .45 ACP at home.

    If you have both you are seriously (I do not make this up) supposed to segregate the ammunition for the two firearms. That for the M1911 MUST be kept at the designated site but the ammunition for the De Lisle (which of course is IDENTICAL) may be kept at home.
  7. The mindset of these jobsworths is just amazing. Almost as amazing as the clowns who drafted the legislation in the first place.
  8. This is only the same as having a 577/450 Martini held as a curiosity or ornament hanging on the wall and another that has to be locked up because you want to shoot it.... Nonsense....all of it.

    I do wonder if it will ever improve.......
  9. I doubt it; the situation will probably get worse.
    I have reached the stage where on one bit of land that I am allowed to shoot at that I phone the Police to tell them that I am going to be there. Otherwise they get phone calls along the lines of "I've just seen a man with a gun" etc
  10. It will be the same person wasting their time. I'd be half minded to let them keep turning up, particularly if I shot there regularly. I do have my own body armour mind! :)
  11. ran into two coppers who'd been called out because there was a man with a gun behind sussex uni.
    Not really impressed with walking half way up a hill to meet me who pointed out I presume the farmer was shooting on his land about a mile away.
    coppers decided he was probably legally entitled to shoot things :D