Section 165 RTA

Having seen the numerous amounts SOGA(G) offences that us as GPD have to deal with due to the apathy of our military communities towards SO’s would it not be of benefit to invoke section 165 of the RTA. After a few vehicles being taken away and crushed, would this not be an incentive to register with the relevant authorities or to have current insurance?

In the UK the Civ Pol waited in anticipation for this legislation to appear. Gone was the 7 day wonder or in our case the good old 703 for the owner to provided valid insurance and MOT (Relevant vehicle road worthiness inspection).

When the average unit does not care and just slaps the person on the wrist, telling then to get a grip and to sort out the registration of their vehicle (not all I will say, but most). Would this not be the thorn in the repeat offender’s side?

But i can hear the descent in the ranks about this due to the problems that we may incur. Try this! Every Garrison has a duty recovery on call 24 hrs a day! Every Garrison has an area set aside for scrap cars oh and most have a Garrison Rally Club to take them at the end of the 14 day period.
I understand that this would never happen as we as Service Police would never get the backing of our masters in relation to this. Too much of a big stick by GPD that may alienate us from our customers!

With AFA 2006 coming shortly will we have the extra power under the new Act to enforce this regulation under the RTA?
No - the RTA cannot be enforced outside the UK - hence SOBAGs!!!
so the 30 day rule has gone?

bfg offices dont close for stand downs or sickness do they?

Each bde reliant on 2 or 3 people, brilliant idea, going SIB are we?

who would pay for the duty recovery?

Thanks BP77 for that if you were in the know you would understand that there is a duty (hence 24 hrs a day military recovery) that would be able to do this.

Oh and yes there are 30 days, but how many cars do you see out side camp cause they cant be arsed to register their vehicle?

Also we cover the RTA outside of the UK! So what you are saying is that all convictions for RTA offences that have been reported by the Service Police are not standing? Dont think so!

And no not SIB (nothing wrong with the dark side) just amazed we haven't been able to introduce this legislation!
SOBAGs in camp RTA outside! Hence DnD inside camp SOBAG offences Dnd outside RTA
How about.....

ALL vehicles that obtain a car pass for camp (temp) are passed to the BFG Authority to find out if they are BFGd or not. This could be made a simpler task by the simple expedient of requesting to see the BFG forms before permanent passes were handed out.

Those that are still not registered after 30 days, track down the owner and ask why not.

Cars left outside camp shouldn't be hard to spot even by the awesome investigative force that is the RMP.

Top tip, if they are OUTSIDE camp but British plated, run the plate or check the tax disk (even more blatent). If German plated but someone is getting out and going in to camp check them out.

It is actually all pretty easy if you think about it.

There are plenty of recourses already in place to punish offenders... instead of going labour on us and inventing new rules, regs and punishments... use the existing systems.
No new systems, just tried and practiced systems that work

Screw "i havent had time" Scrap the car.

Less paperwork for us and away we go. same as civy bil
conco said:
No new systems, just tried and practiced systems that work

Screw "i havent had time" Scrap the car.

Less paperwork for us and away we go. same as civy bil

I remember the days when the RMP/SIB had to deal with proper crimes like the IRA blowing squaddies cars up etc, how sad all they can find to do, is be annoying about poxy BFG registrations and minor vehicle offences.

Do real crimes not go on anymore in BFG?

Surely there is a bit of housefrau beating or NAAFI bird after hours sex going on, to be dealt with?

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