Sect Comd inserts

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Peter_Skellen, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody have a e copy of the section commanders inserts? Could you please PM and can send contact details

  2. Are you talking about Ordes inserts?

    If so, may I suggest you don't bother. Sign out an AATAM's from your Trg Wng, its a lot more useful, and why replicate something that lready exsits.

    In the spare ring binder in the AATAM wallet, insert some filofax paper (you can laminate it if you want, or even get hold of waterproof paper) and use this for your orders/oders extraction.

    Or if you are still hell bent on seeing yourself off, try here:
  3. Cheers for the advice, ave already done that. But i'm sure there are a set of cards that are specific to section comds duties, contains quick attack estimate etc. Also there are pl sgt/pl comd inserts.
  4. I concur with S_R, all you really need is a set of AATAM's for orders, an EMLAWD card is also useful, but other than that you can get yourself bogged down with book loads of cards, and you carry enough crap as it is.

    This is not Pokeman, you will not meet someone on ops who will trade your contact report card for a fire mission card!

    Seriously though, the AATAM has tactical check notes, reports and returns and most of the other pi$$ you need, all in one handy compendium.

    Rant over, PM me with what you think you need and I will see hat I have got in the archives.