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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tireless, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Secretary of State is really just one of the lads - spotted walking down Whitheall on Thursday evening eating a bag of chips!! His two jobs must keep him from having dinner.
  2. Glasgow breakfast, to be fair i'd guess that at least one of the jobs he has just now is the short straw job on the cabinet.
  3. Well he's done his bit to ensure the armed forces have had theirs.
  4. Presume his close-protection couldn’t, wouldn’t, be complicit in such “chav” behaviour (or, was he being used to carry the “pickled-eggs” ?).

    Mark of the man, that he didn’t/doesn’t have the will, self-restraint, to contain his hunger until a more appropriate time/place to stuff-his-face !!

    And this how he behaves having attained one of the highest posts in the country.

    I truly despair.
  5. I share your outrage. Truly, eating chips in the street is a sure sign of moral depravity (rather than any of the other preposterous things the man has done). Such inappropriateness.
  6. Well what do you expect?
    He is a small man of little consequence and no moment.
    Now when Alan Clark became Def.Sec. he had the decency to climb to the top of the building and there relieve himself, p'issing down onto the chip eating crowd below.
    That gentlemen is proper style. But then of course he was after all, a Tory.

    There are certain things one shouldn't do whilst wearing a suit. Eating chips out of a bag in public is one of them.
    However, wearing a suit while p'issing on oiks from a dizzy height is not only acceptable but is the very essence of what good tailoring is all about.
  7. But what about Secretary of State for Scotland?
  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    You know, a more suspicious man than I might think that Tireless (this being his very first post) was one of our battalion plus of media spin doctors trying to spread the word that SoS Def (V) [he is part time after all!] is just one of the lads and, ergo, worthy of our respect.

    A pity that this government engenders automatic cynicism in everyone...
  9. I take your point, PF, but I am more minded to ask which hat the SoS was wearing when he ate the chips?

    If he was SoS for Scotland, I would agree that a Glasgow breakfast was about par for the course.

    If he was SoS for Defence, I would feel that he was letting down the side. I wouldn't countenance a soldier in uniform walking down the street noshing a bag of chips, so why should the SoS for Defence?

  10. I'm just curious where the chip shop is near Whitehall? I'd love to know for "personal reference"...
  11. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    It's two doors down from the Quill and Liar where Spin Ops think up their strategy before, during and after lunch, apparently.
  12. If he was eating an egg banjo or a bacon grill sarnie then one might (grudgingly) accept that it was 'right for the hat'. :wink:
  13. Ditto if he had been scoffing chips from someone elses' bag of chips.....but I suppose scum polititians are used to doing that.

    Also, was there gravy on his chips, a la the gravy trough.
  14. I bet he put a missed meals claim in - and at Civy rates!
  15. If it had been me that had seen Swiss Toni, I'd have windmilled the cunt into the pavement.