Secretary of State for sale

Secretary of State for sale. Spineless and has had charisma bypass operation. Very good at self defence, otherwise useless. All bids accepted. Willing to swop.


War Hero
Can I have him?

You won't have to pay me much to take him off your hands.

I need a more effective moving target on the ETR, as all my chaps can hit these easily, and I recon that if they can hit him despite his swerving, they'll be instant marksmen at Bisley.
He should be put on trail alongside Saddam!!!

Can we still hang people for treason??!!

Perhaps the only answer is to insist that to be a Secretary of State for Defence, you have some sort of casual interest in the efficiency of HM Armed Forces!!!!!! instead of being a weak chinned flabby hit man for Gordon Brown.

I take it the Sec of State for Defence gets the odd invite to some functions attended by grown ups. I wonder if he gets a serious chest poking or just sycophantic babble from people more concerned with the new years honours list than representing the forces they serve.

Its OK I'm calm again!! Just don't mention the GHOON MAN!!!!

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