Secret weapon??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sapper826, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Watching our local (Calendar) news about the Yorkshire Regt training Afghan Police, A section went by and the second man carrying his SA80, had slung on his back what looked like a black (**** it) boomerang, is it a new re-usable weapon? or WTF was it?
  2. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Link would be a start.
  3. Google "goldie, ied detector"
  4. no link just caught the back end of it, thought some one else might a seen it.
  5. Oh yer.. cheers m8!
  6. It's a frickin' laser!
  7. Its a black boomerang.

    The Taliban have been using munitions that fail to detonate, turning them into IEDs.

    The boomerang is actually a variant of the L109 HE grenade; the clever bit is that if it fails to explode near the target, it'll return to the thrower.

    The time delay fuse has been replaced by a time-limited contact fuse.

  8. Hello Trigger,
    Dusky chap was he, goes by the name of Gurung?
    Try googling "Kukri".
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  9. Sounds like a job for Rolf Harris