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Secret tunnels up for sale

Just seen this on the BBC website nice peice of cold war history what's the odds it'll become a data storage facility with it's location some nice pics of the BT frames as well but then I'm an anorak :)
ugly said:
Why hi vis vests, not any trains or lorries running around down there?[/quote

elf and safety mate,my present employers are even trying to make me wear one whilst walking on the pavement FFS,Hi vis vest's and rear fog lights drive me mad.
Very similar to the parallel Northern Line tunnel in the Stockwell/Clapham area constructed during the 40's as, immediately, bomb shelters but with the forward thinking that they would ease congestion on the Tube when the war was over.

The forward thinking died somewhere along the line (sorry), the tunnel being sold for data storage and the congestion on the Northern Line steadily getting worse.


I did some work for an organisation connected with these tunnels etc and thats all I can say apart from the fact that there was more info when researched via google on these so called sensitive sites than the client actually held!
They were also the setting for James Herbert's book "Lair" set in Post holocaust Britain too, as for Subterennea Brittanica, did some survey work for them in the 90's on old ROC bunkers

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