Secret submarine mission

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 20, 2008.

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  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

  3. B_AND_T I think his point is that the KGB/FSB is so broke these day's that their having to resort to using the western media for their intelligance gathering!
  4. Balloon.
  5. ...and I would like not to make further comments because being asked a direct question previously (on another thread) I was unable (it would be unfair) to hide my republican views. As my answer had been deleted then it would be unwise to comment now for obvious reasons.
  6. I am curious...PM me your republican views. Comrade.
    If anything I am a Royalist so it should at least be laugh.

  7. Then why post the topic if you have no wish to comment on it :roll:
  8. It is that simple my young friend. All human being have equal rights. One person - one vote. Parliament, govenment, head of state must be elected by free citizens.
  9. You have Putin and you believe that?
  10. And do you honestly think that the Americans have that or anybody for that matter? At least the Royal family have served this country, not just as heads of state but also in the armed forces. I for one am glad we have the monarchy if you look at just how much they have done, not only for this country but for numerous countries across the globe.
  11. very secret this is.

    BBC news
  12. Was this the same training session that resulted in Dolphins beaching themselves on the coast?

    Would make a typical slant for the Sun/Mirror -

    Wills in Dolphin Murder Shock

    Wills has shown his murderous streak again, this time in a royal navy submarine, it has bee exclusivley revealed to us that William was responsible for cruelly scaring defenceless dolphins out of the ocean with massive sonar pings - this comes on the tail of his brother allegedly murdering hen harriers over his gran's country estate!
  13. I secretly went down in an O Boat in the Falklands - which was boring and smelly! However I also went down on W/Cpl * and that wasn't boring, but it was smelly and I did keep its a secret - until now.

    Write me up Sergey!
  14. Dear Drain_sniffer, I would wish to comment but I should obey the rules.

    You had (and have) highly esteemed mssrs.Blair and Brown and I suppose you believe in democratic principles... or not?

    So do you suggest that monarchy is the best possible way to run any country - Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia?
  15. No I'm not saying that a monarchy is the solution for all countries, I'm merely saying that Our monarchy works for us.

    edited 'cos I'm an IT and me don't mix