Secret State with Gabriel Byrne on Ch 4

Second episode of it was on last night. Apparently it's a remake of the 80s mini-series "A Very British Coup" but just a tad more updated.

I'll not give too much away with it but Gabriel Byrne plays the deputy PM who is unexpectedly thrust into the main role & also has to
face a major domestic crisis. First up, Gabriel is top notch in the role... just some of the continuity & attention to detail lets it down.

Firstly it is mentioned that his character had been an Army Captain for ten years... whether stuck in that rank for ten years or reaching
that rank after ten years doesn't get explained... BUT!

At one point he is shown, by a reporter, a photo of himself along with some other chap, & the reporter is heard to say that it's a photo of
him in Bosnia in 1992... and here's the mistakes:

1. The two chaps in the picture are undoubtedly somewhere in the Balkans, but it ain't 1992. The CS95 uniform is the first clue.
2. They are both wearing their dark coloured beret (unit cap badge indecipherable) & not the UN light blue that would have been the issue for them.
3. The chap with Gabriel's head poorly imposed on his body is clearly wearing a L/Cpl rank slide in the centre of his chest on his CS95.

Aside from these misdemeanours it really is rather good. Honest.
There were very few units in the 'Balkans' in 1992 other than 24 Fd Amb RAMC (at the beginning), toward the end of '92 there was an substantial RAMC presence supporting OP Grapple 1 (1 Cheshire) onwards.
isn't it based on a book by Chris Mullin? you couldn't expect him to know anything about the army

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