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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by lacrabat, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Well not really secret just not well publicised, and not only signals but also letters. I'm looking at DE&S cargo vehicles IPT's here as the culprit.
    Two recent examples have been the 4 tonner rear seat farce and the change of hazmat requirements for all LGV's.
    If there is a change in regulations then make the effort to publicise it, spread it all over the defence intranet, disseminate it down the CoC, bung it in KIT mag. Then phone a few units at random to see if the message has got out into the real world.
    I'd rather be notified of these changes a few times than find out the hard way on an inspection.
    Rant over... :D
  2. If you know about these things why don't you follow your own rant and post the details on here.

    I would particularly like to know the hazmat changes you mentioned.
  3. Then I'd be doing their job for them and nothing will change...

    OK then, but only because I found out about the seating bollox on here :D

    All hazmat vehicles are now required to carry a 12Kg fire extinguisher and a wheel chock. In effect this means that if a vehicle has had the hazmat MOD done ( 6Kg fire extinguisher ) and still has 2X 2Kg extinguishers fitted to the cab another 2Kg fire extinguisher and a wheel chock need to be carried in the rear tool bins.
    This is the case as far as 4 tonners go but I believe there is a seperate requirement for DROPS etc.
    The letter I saw was dated Nov 07, I saw it 2 days ago. I suppose if there are any more out there I'll find out on the ECI......... :evil:
  4. Well if thats true? WOOPS !!!
    Only a couple of dodgy details last week!
  5. I am not aware of this particular issue and haven't seen anything on the Intranet (which is your well-made point) but I wonder if the IPT is the culprit.

    There have been so many changes to the organisation that was the DPA and the DLO, that I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that something like responsibility for monitoring changes in legislation has been handed back to us in the Front Line Commands? IPTs are there to buy and support the equipment. It could be argued that complying with a change in legislation is the responsibility of the User.

    Someone on Arrse will know!

  6. The seating arrangements has been known about for a bit and really its your Brigades responsiblity, through people like Master Drivers, to pass on this info.
    As for HAZMAT, this is where your Unit HAZMAT instructors should be aware. And as they are registered, they should get that magazine type thing through every couple of months (Not KIT one), this will have it in. But again, Master Drivers should be keeping an eye out for transport related info and passing it down through to the Unit MTO's.
  7. The changes ref Hazmat vehs was sent out in my bde this week & explained which units/equipments were to be modified & receive the extra CES (fire ext & chocks).

    ABRO are contracted to fit the brackets for the chocks & are supposed to contact units to arrange access to do the work.

    There are temporary stowage work arounds until the work is completed.

    If you haven't got notification may I suggest your bde/Div ES are contacted?