Secret services say Iran trying to assemble nuclear missile

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Firstly , why is the Guardian especially being so honoured with first views of this 'leaked' information?


    Would that be an agency East of Germany and West of Ukraine?

    Oh , not Cyprus? Stop me if you've heard this before.......
  2. Let's look at these articles closely

    Look 3!!! articles by the same authors in 1!!! newspaper at 1!!! day. What does it mean? Why couldn't mr.Traynor and mr.Cobain to publish only one big atricle in Guardian?

    Really it might be this way:

    "Mr.Trainor, we have a work for you and mr. Cobain. Publish 3 articles in leading British newspapers" - "Payment?" - "5000" - "mmm. OK, though I expect more".

    "Hi Ian, we have a work" - "How much" - "3000 for me and 2000 for you" - "Ian, let show these dullards that they should pay more!".
  3. Something smells.........,,1587718,00.html

    So in the space of 3 months, the original reporter forgot where he first got this information from? Is this the same unamed European intelligence agency , or another one?

    Smellier than the contents of a very smelly thing.

    Tell me Sergei , in Russia, how many times does the Government 'leak' a story to ensure it gets ingrained into the Nation's psyche?

    And how long before Shrub holds it up triumphantly , as proof positive that Iran is up to no good?
  4. Iran, Quite possibly Is up to no good.

    However I'll be buggered if I can think of anyone who will belive him.

    Bet he didn't see this coming when he invaded Iraq.
  5. Are they the same Secret Services who told us Iraq had WMD's?
    Sure I'll believe what the Spooks tell me about Iran. Just look at their fantastic record:
    Falklands War - did'nt see it coming.
    Iraq invades Kuwait - Oops!
    9/11 - My Bad!
    WMD's - OK anyone can make that mistake.
    7/7 - No group currently has both the capability and intent to attack...Bugger!
  6. Werewolf wrote

    Falklands War - did'nt see it coming.
    Iraq invades Kuwait - Oops!
    9/11 - My Bad!
    WMD's - OK anyone can make that mistake.
    7/7 - No group currently has both the capability and intent to attack...Bugger!

    Falklands - knew what was happening, but didnt think Argies were that stupid, so made no plans at all
    Iraq - obvious what was going to happen but more important things, i.e european football
    9/11, in America, not looking in the right direction
    WMD - er, we had them since we obliterated most of their army after the war started (Grid Square Removal Company / Depleted Uranium| etc).
    7/7 - surely nobody, especially and English person would do such a darstardly act, and, as you say, bugger !!, got that one wrong.

    On the Horizon

    Iran - keep quiet, dont want to upset the Iranians by making accusations, no matter how accurate
    Ireland - yes no trouble there, lets allow everyone who killed all the civvies and squaddies, back home and let them off scot free, that will go down a belter in bars up and down the land
    Zimbabwe - ooh aah, decisions, lets jump and down and make lots of statements and hope Mugabe listens. Yeah but, no but, yeah but all the people are dying of starvation. Ok, send food to Mugabe, he will give it out to the needy, when he's rebuilt their homes
    Somalia / Sudan etc - good idea to let the majority of the population arrive illegally in UK leaving their own country empty. No problem any more.
    China - too far
    Need somewhere closer to home, within our skill set (aka train set) that we can handle. Any ideas ??
  7. Strange. It's an assessment. It's a report. It's intelligence.

    Funny how no-one calls it a dossier.
  8. PatrTimePongo!

    Usage of paid 'journalists' in dirty political games is very popular in Russia. One of them mr.Khinshtein was even granted by membership in the Parliament (from por-Putin United Russia). Namely he 'discovered' some wrongdoings made by former Russian PM Kasyanov who is now regarded as possible candidate on president elections in 2008 from pro-Western opposition.

    It was only a warning and the former PM is not in the jail and the case is in coma state. But I suspect that mr.Khinshtein will no dobt 'recall' facts close to the elections.
  9. You mean like the Ariel Sharon case has magicaly returned from the dead all of a sudden Sergei?

    "Come on Ariel , get with the programme or else , Iran needs bombing , love and stuff - Benjamin N" :D
  10. Wont the lovely chaps in Navy blue have some spare ones we can flog in a few years?
  11. I am confused - Why go to Europe when you can go to China, North Korea or Pakistan for example? The Pakistanis who already have an established WMD and nuclear program co-operate with the Chinese. The long range Shaheen-I and Shaheen-II ballistic missiles are knock offs of the Chinese versions.
  12. But the Chinese versions are just knock offs of the Russian versions. And thats strange as well there are better places in than Europe for nuclear know how, But something seems on the horizon this year who knows..... But it would appear the exit stratergy would be to send more troops out to Iraq for 'security' then when you come to invade Iran you just hop across.

    And I still think the Israelis will strike first.
  13. Though you are right that the Chinese and Pakistani models can be traced back to russian design both countries have developed and improved the original technology, in rather suprising ways.

    On Iran I just can't see how the the Americans could manage a front that stretched from Afghanistan to Iraq. I also can't see how the Israelis or America could strike against Iran without some major fall out.
  14. Aye, and that's the problem.... the fallout.