Secret Santa

Anybody got any good ideas for secret santa prezzies. Or has anybody been on the end of a pish take prezzie???


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these are ones that I've tried and have gone down like a lead balloon.

packet of 10 fags
packet of tenna lady (individally wrapped)
cheapo plastic bow and arrow set
picture of Jesus (Le Sacre Coeur to be precise)
A picture of me in a cheesey frame. That did NOT go down well, as everyone else had spent their 20 euros on CDs and DVDs.
Secret Santa’s should have a set price, The one this year with a bunch of army club mates was £6.72.
I got a "Chad Valley Action Squad" set and a novelty condom.
Other gifts were the usual bad taste suspects:
anal beads and lube
Mug with stripping woman on it
so on and so forth

I guess you have to gear the gifts to the group/person...


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Depends if you like the person

Dooley's 6 shots of toffee liquer are just under £5 in supermarket whilst got a 6 shots of twister vodka for £5.49


I once gave an albino girl I know “tan in a can”, she was not impressed and swiftly refused to sleep with me… but then she always refused to sleep with me :D
I once gave an albeano girl I know “tan in a can”

That's a new monitor you owe me.....
In the past I have bought the following humourous presents for various secret santa victims

A big home made ex-lax chocolate bar disguised as Dairy Milk
A can of Goldspot Breath Freshener
A shelf (for a single 35 yr old munter)
A Hi Karate aftershave set (Fcuk that stuff stinks)
A Tube of anal lube
A badly fitting hairpiece
A tub of Slimfast

Basically the more evil the better if its anonymous and you know who youre buying for :lol:

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