Secret Santa PC Travesty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. This morning I read about the resignation of PC Murrie, following his ill-judged secret Santa gift of a pack of bacon and a bottle of wine to a Muslim colleague. The colleague, PC Mahmood, took the jape as banter and has gone on record as saying so. Moreover he has also commented that he sees PC Murrie as still a "good friend".

    The powers that be however struck with the force of a striking thing, using a balpeen hammer to crush a tiny cob-nut. Murrie was forced to resign effectively. A joke between friends has beconme a racist incident, has been resolved as such and PC justice has been seen to be done.

    A mosque spokesman has spoken reasonably and said PC Murrie deserves to be forgiven. PC Mahmood has also spoken in support. Evidence perhaps that they are integrated and rational people.

    An Asian community group spokesman however has gone all fierce and posturing. I wonder if he has friends across the racial divide and as keen a cultural perspective on British mainstream culture as he no doubt demands from the "native" British population? I wonder if the reactions to this "incident" are perhaps indicative of the over-sensitivity on the police side to this and to the lack of integration on the "Asian community group" side?

    Personally I think that Murrie was foolish but his relationship with PC Mahmood obviously indicates not institutional or personal racism but rather poor judgement. Racism should be punished and stamped out, poor judgement can however be used to learn from and ultimately improve the quality of the officer involved. Now the rest of the Bedford force will be possibly resentful, certainly more likely to think of racism as "PC nonsense" and may harden latent negative attitudes.

    Well done, Bedford senior police officers...a "right result".
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I would go so far as to say it wasn't even poor judgment. If he knew Mahmood would take it in the way it was intended, with humour, who is to dictate what individuals find funny?

    The countries gone barking and cases like this fuel resentment, which rather undermines the whole thing really.
  3. Hmmmm, I thought the whole idea of secret santa was that it was meant to be secret. In that way you can afford to be as insulting as you like without the threat of recriminations!
    Best ever secret santa pressies for another thread, coming to you very soon!
  4. Very poor judgement by Murrie. It shows a lack of social/political awareness. It couldn't have been a very 'secret' Santa though.

    Also, I wonder what would have happened if a person of a different religion had been involve - as the receipient of something which offended their faith.

    This result has just given more power to those who would wish racial/religious friction.
  5. why was he giving a Muslim a Christmas pressy in the first place?

    Anyway, this was on our local news last night. Completely stupid decision by Bedford Police
  6. Reminds me of primary school. No, seriously:

    I was given the unimaginitive nickname of Matchstick, due to my wirey physique. I enjoyed having a nickname, seeing it as a badge of acceptance, and it wasn't long before everyone had stopped using my given name.

    Until, that is, one left wing bint of a teacher heard someone calling me by my nickname and put a stop to it claiming it was harmful. She ignored utterly my protestations that I liked my nickname (my given name is rather geeky) and that other pupils were welcome to use it. Effectively this daft, PC, liberal harridan ruined my Primary School life, destroyed my confidence and condemned me to a life of bullying and ridicule.

    This is an accepted joke between mates, maybe it shoudln't have been carried out in such an open environment, at a risk of influencing others, but sacking seems rather harsh.

    Edited to add: I used to be wirey, I could now best be described as corpulent.
  7. Integration is difficult in some areas, probably due to the concentrated nature of Muslim settlement across this country.

    Certainly, in my area of the flatlands, it's possible to spend years without interacting with a Muslim, except possibly at a petrol station, or on an excursion to Luton or Peterborough. Try walking down any street without hearing a conversation in Polish, and it's a different story.

    Now we get a story of two colleagues whose relationship is so good they can take the pi$$ about one another's way of life (presumably the goal of a multi-culti society), and 'community leaders' jump all over them.

    Who gains from this, precisely?
  8. Pathetic - Bedford police really are a bit stupid - as is the Asian Community Spokesman.

    Which brings up an interesting point - who appoints these feckers as spokesmen? Themselves!

    I could do this Spokesman bit - try this for size:

    "It is reported that Britney Spears has lost all of her visiting rights to her children as she turned up late for Court in LA earlier today.

    A Community Spokesman for ex-Army Officers who were starting to get old, grumpy and more right-wing with every breath (R-M) stated - We couldn't give a flying fcuk about this overglamourized undertalented bitch, her troll husband or the fact that the Golden Globes were cancelled"

    Easy :twisted:
  9. The office who investigated the case and made the copper's life so much of a misery that he left his career. From a bureaucratic standpoint, they have to be seen to justify their existence and, to get things done, they tend to pick the easiest targets, common sense be damned.

    I just had to complete (as I have to do every cnuting year) a 2 hr online training program from our Office of Equity and Diversity which is just a thinkly disguised advert for their activities. Activities which, in all fairness, would make a member of the Stasi weep with nostalgia.

    Maybe I'm not the most objective person to be addressing this issue right now, especially since they wouldn't initially certify me because I completed the 235 pages in 109 minutes, not the prescribed 120, and so I just had to leave my web browser idling on a random page for another 11 mins; but they are a bunch of twots.
  10. Three weeks ago I was in the UK visiting those members of my family who have not changed their names and moved to avoid me! I went to the local 8 till Late. The owner was at school with me, is a deeply religious Moslem, his brother is an Iman. I had a chat with him. I purchased amongst other things, Bacon, some pork sausages and a bottle of cheap whiskey. I now realise that I am a criminal and should resign my position for purchasing such offensive everyday items from a Moslem!
  11. Why does'nt another force recruit him, he's trained and could be a very good asset. Proving that it was storm in a Tea cup, if someone had said to him don't do it again naughty boy, that force would not be a man down. His mate thought it was funny and took it with grace, meanwhile people are being murdered and run over whilst someone investigates this!

    It's just Pants.
  12. It was not the Muslim that complained it was some else that put the boot in
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bedford plod who instructed its officers not to enter Mosques in shoes or boots? Cnuts what hot pursuit can be done barefoot!
  14. W.Anchor - that is the whole point of this post. Two officers of equal rank but diverse backgrounds feeling comfortable with each other and able to get on without formal direction to do so? Aargh! Anathema! What will become of diviersity counsellors and their traditional diversity counselling communities as whole-sale redundancy sets in? Why it would make the miners' strike look like a garden fete...
  15. It never stopped David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson on Baywatch.