Secret Plan to Remove Quarters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SHRA, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. :x This topic on PPrune is well worth looking at! Pencil pushing desk blotting bas***ds are up to their penny pinching again.Pprune
  2. It smacks of scaremongering to me. There is no way on earth that the MoD would countenance the removal of SFA. If they did then they would lose a majority of Married Service Personnel.

    It'll probably happen next year....
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    If crap like that DOES happen......


    ... and quite a few more, I imagine.
  4. It would never happen because this government and the MOD care about its soldiers and families doesnt it :?
  5. Admin Mole posted this on e-Goat as well. Having read through it, and the comments from the Goaters, I'm inclined to believe it will happen. It just gives me another assurance that I have made the right decision to bang out now!
  6. MMmmmm - there is a perverse logic to this though if viewed as a bean counter.

    Super Garrisons>wives work in the local area>buy houses locally with MOD incentives> therefore lots of money to be saved by reducing or eradicating the need for quarters.

    Also just think of the amount of money the MOD are paying to Anningtons at present at inflated prices, therefore we need to get out of this ASAP. DE are reducing the size of the SFA estate annually. It is not being increased overall.

    It will take some time but it would not surprise me that we lose SFA in the end. After all, most of other western Armies do not have them.
  7. I regret that this isn't scaremongering. Portillo sold off the FQs (MQs then) to raise cash. The contract to rent them back at agreed values was always lifed and will expire soon (you couldn't imagine a commercial organisation not seeking to make a big profit out of this). There will be increasing pressure (mostly through increased rents - see the last few AFPRB reports) to get into either hirings or self-owned accommodation. This will inevitably change the nature of service life (note what has happened in Australia) and is yet another erosion of Service life.

    Once again another facet of the unique nature of Service life is to be removed, yet the military are expected to remain uniquely committed as before. I think not...
  8. R,

    I fear you might be right. However we must argue that military ethos will be effected - which it will. If the government wants a gendarmerie instead of a professional Army - then doing things like this is the right way to go about it !!
  9. This does sound like the kind of really good idea that would be doing the rounds at the moment.

    If other western armies have already crossed this bridge, does anyone know how they dealt with the issues raised? Are they able to claim back the costs of moving (legal fees, bridging loans and such like), or do they get a rental allowance?

    Whilst change isn't always a bad thing, it isn't always cheap either. It strikes me that if they can't afford to pay annington homes for the houses, how can MOD afford to give me an allowance to buy my own place or rent on the commercial market?

    The only way I can afford to have my house at the moment is to have bought a shoebox and rent it out. Thats only financially viable if I'm living in a quarter - couldn't even dream of being able to afford anywhere near my duty station to, or likely to be assigned to in the future.

    Anyone know how our colonial cousins deal with this one?

  10. lts NO use going down the local council office because they don't want to know, either; NO, local connection. Perhaps, this is what OOOOOOOOOOOOo Dannatt meant by 'almost out of troops!'