"Secret MoD poll: Iraqis support attacks on British troops"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. from S Telegraph. LINK

    More details of the Iraqi attitude survey can be found at the first link at the beginning of this post.

    From a glance at the more detailed figures, some are less depressing than the headline figures suggest. For example, the "65% Iraqi citizens support attacks" refers to Maysan Province which is, of course, highly significant for us - but the NATIONAL percentage said to be "supporting attacks" falls to 45%.

    The figures for those who said they have clean water, electricity, or employment are also significant, but depressing if true. The latest reconstruction summary from the US Army Corps of Engineers can be seen HERE - includes South-Eastern provinces.

    self-edited to put heading in quotes.
  2. Actually suprised that the national figure quoted is not higher.
    Even if the CPA had hit the ground running and provided the Iraqis with basic services and had engaged in a more successful Hearts and Minds strategy, I think any insurgency still would have attracted considerable support amongst Iraqis (though probably not as high as the figures quoted). After all, no really likes an occupational force and the mood of the average Iraqi at the end of 2003 was clear, 'thanks for removing Saddam but please don't make youself comfortable.'
  3. maybe we should fcuk off and leave them to it ? and if it goes ratshit then thats their own problem
  4. Maybe Iraq does need a good civil war to purge it's self and after that war it will stablise its self.

    But morally and for the sake of wider interests in the ME I dont think we can let that happen by immediately withdrawing . Maybe we could set a date for withdrawal and tell the parties to sort it out and let UN troops from (Iran and Turkey :twisted: ) sort it out.... I think at this stage everyone is looking for a golden solution which may or may not exist. It was a situation that was screwed up from the beginning and everyone involved one way or another is going to end up paying for it heavily.
  5. Surely the whole point is that Iraq - like many other Muslim countries - did not and does not want any outside interference in the way it runs. Their living conditions are way behind most other countries - certainly those with all that oil. They are happy like that. Medicine, eductaion etc - same thing. For another example, look at the Palestinian refugee camps. Who in Gods name do we really know who would wish to live like that? Why has no other Middle Eastern nation intervened to improve things.
    I'm not knocking them down as some sort of sub-human species. Man has a triangle of aspirations. Some struggle to rise from the lowest level to the pinnacle. Some are content to lurk about at the bottom or some other intermediate stage. They do not want change, they do not know what change might bring and they resist it. Anyone who is sufficiently interested to fight their way into the place is automatically suspected.
  6. Maybe Bush can ask Sa'd Hariri or Ariel Saron that when he next calls them. The main Palestinian refugee camps are located in the Occupied territories and Lebanon which refuses to normalise the status of these refugees.

    Could ask that of the same question of non-arab nations.

    Various Arab leaders from Nasser to Hussain (dictator king and President) hijacked the cause of the Palestinians to further their own careers and goals. These people were never serious about the plight of Palestinans and often the Palestinians have suffered because of the decisions of these Arab meglomaniacs.
  7. It's just not going as planned is it?
  8. Most polls dont involve staff types wandering around Iraq taking a poll of "millions". The British Army is very respected in Iraq. Now the pro-Iranian extremists may like to see the BA leave Iraq but most I would bet want to see the Brits stick around. But the "poll" would be just the thing if the Government wants to create an excuse to leave Iraq.
  9. When was this poll conducted?

    Only I've seen another investigation described, that said there was widespread support for insurgent activity,that was dated May this year.
  10. Aug 05 apparently, PTP
  11. Iraqis - the ultimate in smiling assassins.

    Always got that feeling, especially when they were being nice.
  12. Then there is an earlier one that says the same thing Hackle.
  13. The polling of Iraqi attitudes was raised in the House of Lords yesterday. HANSARD SOURCE Some emphasis by me.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    This is EXACTLY the mindset that will not believe that the Emperor has no clothes....Castlereagh summed up very accurately how the Iraqis felt that I spoke to when I was there, now two years ago........" Thanks, but don't hang around"

    It is NOT just the pro-Iranian extremists who want to see foreign troops gone FFS ! Try and think how you would feel about lousy brutal and licentious redcoats who arrived in your home town to get rid of a demonic dictator and then decided to hang around to show you ignorant Yanks the road to "true" enlightenment, defiled your churches and allowed criminal scum to run riot.........you, I have no doubt count yourself as a patriotic guy....you would feel the same way - and you would doubtless take up arms to do something about it.......Iraqis love their country just the same as you do and they DO NOT WANT FOREIGNERS TELLING THEM HOW TO RUN IT.......

    ( Is it me?...what part don't they get ?....head, wall, flat bit,jeez!)

    Le Chevre
  15. Much as I love our cousins they do have a blind spot when it comes to the whole occupying someone else's country thing. And it's getting them killed. Compare and contrast:

    Foreigners in the US - At the targets in front, in your own time, go on ! God bless the second amendment, an armed people can never be conquered, dictatorships disarm the people etc etc

    US on a foreign holiday - they love us because we give them freedom ! Although we do need to disarm them to keep weapons from the insurgents. And anyone opposing our occupation must support our enemies - because - well - if they don't support our occupation they are our enemy ! (or soon will be)