Secret Millionaire - C4

I don't watch this show, so I'm not sure what happened in the most recent one.

However, C4 said of the star:

32-year-old Caroline Marsh grew up in Zambia in Southern Africa and moved to England just five years ago. In the last year she has discovered a talent for property investment and has just made her first million.
Another website spoke of her. Lead me to finding these sites



She is involved in a 'property investing franchise' (?). The business promises, inter alia,

A unique formula which maximises capital gain and cash yield.
No doubt this investment company doesn't actually break the law, but the politest thing you can say about anybody who gets involved in a company offering a magic formula is that they are naive.

Very disappointing that somebody involved in such a company - which some might think is more deserving of an undercover doc than Army basic training - is presented as a role model.

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