Secret MI5 Headquarters in NI Revealed Shock

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Absolutely outrageous.

    Just yards from what was my old MQ, too. I used to get an egg banjo in there before it was transformed into this gleaming high-tech centre of Espionage and Oppression of the People.
  2. Great Aerial photos

    any chance of getting similar quality photos of a certain farm straddling

    the border inhabited by a bufoon whose name rhymes with drab slurphy
  3. You used to live in a portacabin? 8O :?
  4. Any knobber can tell that's pure invention - the sun's shining.
  5. Dab Slurpy??
  6. thats his cousin
  7. Just a quick question, now OP Banner is soon to be over, will the troops there now just be residential troops?

    Have the army lost palace barracks in holywood?
  8. Scab Purpy?
  9. Now that would just be careless. How the feck can you lose a whole camp? Especially since Google can find it!!
  10. Armies - yes - they will be resident troops - all 5000 of them but they will be deployable worldwide.
    No - Palace Bks is still an Army Bks and will remain so. Resident Bn is Black Watch at present.

  11. But,

    Here I'm convinced is the flaw in the plan - Sinn Fein will accuse the newcomers of being occupying forces and the whole round of fcuking about will start up again. Not the terrorism bit but just the incessant media stuff which will force the expensive relocation of a Bde. Tell me - which fcuking comedian thought that up...words fail me they really do.
  12. Smoke and mirrors.

    Look at the bottom photo. They're setting up shop in a MQ. Just look at the FO satcomms dish in the back garden.

    I know it looks like a trampoline, but they'd want you to think that wouldn't they.
  13. You've never lived until you've lived in a Portacabin MQ.
  14. Just because he spotted a niche in the market and bought up and stored in his garden the world's reserve of petrol, how was he to know it would lead Bush and co to a war in Iraq? Well that's my theory....

    As for him trying to patent the 'Throw well throw Shell' motto, sure every dog in the street knows it was a wee man in Derry that came up with that wan.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    No problem. If you want the numeric overrides for the biometric access systems at GCHQ, please just ask?