Secret Iraq Ep.1, tonight Wed 29 Sep, BBC Two 21.00

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by s_connerArmyPR, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. Filmed on the ground in Iraq, Secret Iraq is a landmark two-part documentary series that sheds new light on the dramatic story of Iraq after the fall of Saddam.

    The series has gained access to Iraqi insurgents who speak about their operations against coalition forces, and the motives which drove them.

    To gain access to insurgents the film makers worked in some of the most dangerous trouble spots in Iraq, including Fallujah - where pitched battles took place between US forces and insurgents - and Mahmoudiya, the insurgent stronghold, as well as in Basra, the capital of what was until 2009 the British-controlled South of Iraq.

    Eyewitness testimony from key Iraqi insurgents, speaking for the first time about how they fought and why, ranges from that of a fighter credited within the insurgency of launching the first RPG ambush of an American convoy to that of a former colonel from Saddam's intelligence service who was instrumental in co-ordinating the insurgency's attacks on the coalition forces in the Triangle of Death.

    Alongside the insurgents, American and British soldiers, generals, diplomats and spies also recount their experiences of an Iraq that often bore little relationship to the country being portrayed by the politicians. From the interrogation of Saddam Hussein to the brutal pitched battles fought in Fallujah that killed thousands of civilians, the first episode tells history as it was experienced by those on the ground.

    More information on the series can be found here: BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Secret Iraq, Insurgency

    Episode 1: Wednesday 29 September, BBC Two 21.00
    Episode 2: Wednesday 6 October, BBC Two 21.00
  2. I watched episode two last night. Much in line with M_G's post.

    And my point is "s_connerArmyPR" should have asked for the transcript of both episodes before posting here.

  3. Does anyone know if this is going to be repeated? Goddam hard drive didn't record it!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Watched both episodes this evening, we didn't cover ourselves in glory with the end result. While the troops on the ground did well the commanders and politicians wimped out.
  5. What can the man in charge of UK forces in Iraq say to Bliar when he says get out? make it look like it was planned that way oh and btw no more troops or cash.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    On BBC iPlayer: BBC iPlayer - Secret Iraq: Awakening

    Makes for pretty depressing viewing frankly.
  7. "Makes for pretty depressing viewing frankly"

    Compulsive viewing I'd say.

    I watched episode one on Weds and episode two last night, I thought the programme was very well made and was also quite an eye opener, especially how our politicians completely let the military and people of Iraq down time and time again, as they didn't have a clue what they were doing.

    Not only that, but how Blair or any politician really, can still stand up and say they thought we did the right thing is totally beyond me, as it will be a stain on the conscience of this nation for years to come.

    Perhaps next time our politicians commit our troops to venture on such a folly, we can make sure that their sons and daughters go too, as opposed to packing them off to an easy life in the US working for your American contacts in an investment bank and safety.

    Are you listening, Mr Blair, you guttersnipe and liar ?

    Black Buck One - Out
  8. Just seen the second part, which I'd Skyplussed. It was very uncomfortable viewing and was as close to making me embarrassed of being British as I've ever been. The absolute cowardice shown by the British political leadership has (IMO) cast a stain on the good name of the British Army. The disgusting political leadership at the time left the British military commanders with nowhere to go. The comment made by Gen Petraeus's XO that it couldn't be looked upon as anything other than a defeat is a valid comment. It makes for very uncomfortable viewing. The lives of British soldiers were wasted by the cowardly leadership of the Labour Government. I have no idea how Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of those ********* can look themselves in the mirror. They took us in on a false pretence and when the kitchen got too hot, they abrogated their resposibilities and left the Army to pay the price.

    They disgust me.
  9. We were defeated. We failed to accomplish what we were there to do. There's nothing more we could have done given the political situation and manpower we had available - but the cold, hard fact is we lost.
  10. In a very real sense. From 2006, the British Army were in contact virtually non-stop until we withdrew. We were sitting ducks, fighting for no other reason than to defend ourselves. Protecting small, isolated camps which were of no strategic importance. A lot of blokes were wounded or lost their lives and the situation for Iraqis was made worse rather than better. All to save face for a few cowardly politicians who lacked the balls to do it properly.
  11. Well made and serious, some of the best interviews I've seen with insurgents and painfully frank US officers.
  12. It was good to see some high ranking British and Yanks talking on camera and giving their opinions, something we rarely see, but Petreus' XO I agree was very frank and I believe absolutely spot on too, the British time in Basra was an overall failure and can only be classed as a defeat.

    The blame for this rests at the feet of one man, Tony Blair, aided and abetted by a majority of weak Labour MP's who didn't have the balls to stand up to him, apart from Robin Cook and a handful of others.

    I hope members of the Chilcot inquiry watched it.

    Black Buck One - Out.
  13. Just watched the second episode...all in all imho a pretty good documentary and one that we (the Brits) get a good slagging...and rightly so as well. Just looked back to previous posts I made at the time in 2007 when I'd just finished 9 months at the COB and it still makes me feel angry now. What a shameful period-thanks to No 10.
    One notable thing that made me smile.......they FINALLY addressed that G3 soundbite 'insurgents wearing IPS uniforms' by telling the truth. Serving Iraqi Police were responsible for murder and kidnappings (the GW 4 and Peter Moore were seized by MOI Police)-I still have massive mistrust when I see any IPS. They're still up to their old tricks as well.
  14. Watched both episodes this weekend on Iplayer. I agree with Woody. A very good docu & well worth a watch for anyone with an interest. I wonder how many 'hawks' have watched it & can still justify their viewpoint that we (the 'allies') did good over there.

    Fascinating to here the frankness of some of the key mil personalities.