Secret hero of the SBS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. It's from the scum so beware,

  2. He was a Royal Marine. SBS yes, but he was a Royal Marine. He wasn't an ex-Marine, he wasn't a former-Marine and he wasn't "former ex-Royal Marine".

    How dare they insult a dead hero and brother-in-arms by letting a halfwit loose on the keyboard, followed by such a poor sub-editing job. It shows how much they really care - they are more interested in the headline.

    RIP Andy.
  3. I thought that too, but I'm not in the Brit military, so I kept shut.
  4. RIP.

    This also illustrates the differance in casualties for ourselves and the Taliban. We lose highly-trained soldiers, while a lot of Terry's losses are easily replaced cannon-fodder from Pakistan. :evil:
  5. Most of the cannon fodder taliban are locally unemployed pashtoon with no education or understanding of the issues.

    They get paid about $250 a month for fighting and of course time off during opium harvest time- though there is a huge influx of unemployed into the Province during harvest time as well.

    If you can get those tw*ts from DIFID (spelling?) off their arrrrrrrrrrrrrrses to create labout intensive low technology work ( digging roads, clearing Karez and irrigation canals etc) and paid them a decent wage you would strip away a lot of the manpower they currently have.

    Sorry to hi-jack the thread, my apologies.
  6. I understand where you are coming from mate, but the lines are always a bit blurred when a full unit ID is chucked around, especially with the myriad of different bods at Poole, he is/was Royal and forever to be, the piece was a smashing dit about an evidently skilled and well thought of guy.


  7. RIP Lee, miss you man, glen
  8. I knew Andy from many years ago back in 693. We haven't talked since then, but I will miss you ya Jock Bastard - I hope they took them all out.
  9. Humour in the face of adversity :D

    RIP Fella
  10. Rest in Peace Andy Houltram,
    A very brave man, Deepest sympathy to his family,
  11. I'm not sure - How can you be "former" and "ex" it implies he left the service and rejoined. Could he be RMR SBS?

    Either way, he will be missed by his family and colleagues I'm sure.
  12. RIP and condolences.
  13. Rip andy and regards to andys injuired mucker your "football team" tatt is fine p