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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by edd1989, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. I've been thinking that outside this internet site we have no idea how to recognise another fellow member. So I propose we develop a secret handshake/innocent movement/password that would allow us to deduce whether the person we are speaking to are a fellow disciple of the site without sounding like a complete mong:
    "Do you use arrse?"

    Remember it must be shrewd, seemingly innocent and completely inconspicuous e.g. Secret handshake AT 4.47

    I open the floor to suggestions.

  2. I just strut around wearing arseless chaps!
  3. Whats wrong with wearing the extremely classy and yet discrete Mr Potato Head badge?
  4. Dealing with a shoplifter the other week, Police arrive and take him away, they come back an hour later to collect my statement and the CCTV.
    Sign everything over and as he turns to leave the Bobby said to me "See you in the Naffi pal", Looking at my Potatohead pin.
    I've wondering ever since who he is on here.

    Edited for biffness and cack handed typing.
  5. I used to wear mine a couple of years ago.
    Has anyone bumped into anyone (out of the blue) wearing one?
    Though I suppose many of you live amongst squaddies?
    Duh!! :roll: So do I!! 8O

    (But I wouldn't wear mine near home.) :oops:
  6. If asked your Arrse name you can always Walt it as MDN or Flashy.
    Advise against walting as Frenchperson as a smack in gob often causes offence.
  7. He'll know who you are now. :D
  8. I've yet to have anyone recognise my arrse tie whenever I've worn it (at as many military functions as possible)
    Loads of people have asked 'Which regimental tie is that?' and I've cuffed it as being a club tie rather than try to explain it.
  9. Good point about the arrse potato head badge and strutting around wearing arseless chaps.
    But what when you don't have a badge, surely you need some sort of backup.

  10. One of the many ARRSE T-Shirts/polos ?????? Or you could just ask people if they are an ARRSE !! (with ref to my OH at a London meet a few weeks back :D )
  11. £2 plus £1.50 Postage 75p to charadee mate for the badge.
  12. I would have thought that the bloodshot, sunken eyeballs, rapid horizontal eye movements and perverted grin would be sufficient to give the game away.
  13. Can't wear the tie, potato head badge or polo shirts when in uniform...
  14. You could wear your H4H wristband inside out... :evil:
  15. Perhaps a wrist band like the H4H one (with proceeds going to charity)? Depends on unit dress regs of course.

    Edit: Puttees beat me to it.