Secret Documents - War In Iraq - Lost - Train........

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Secret papers on Iraq war stolen from Eversheds lawyer on train

    Highly sensitive documents relating to the Iraq War have been stolen after being left unguarded on a train by a lawyer working for the Government, The Times has learnt.

    The lawyer, who was working for the Treasury Solicitor's Department, which provides legal services to central government offices, lost a suitcase containing Ministry of Defence papers on Monday morning while travelling on the Leeds to London train.

    It is understood that the solicitor from Eversheds, a leading British law firm, could not fit the case into the overhead storage space and had instead stowed it in a baggage rack at the end of the carriage.

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    This is becoming a habit....
  2. Future Government Security Minister material
  3. No doubt we'll all have to be beaten over the head as a reminder of security now in response to this mong's performance.
  4. Eversheds are also appointed solicitors for the new version of the child support agency. Hope there as sloppy with my assessment.
  5. Maybe now we will have to encrypt all paperwork?
  6. Bet he is the ID card Tsar by next week.
  7. Hope it's either the Attorney General's original advice or the Bush-Blair "should we bomb Al Jazeera" minute...or a smoking gun...
  8. deja vu
    feckin eejits
    next theyll say they lost the nuclear warhead codes on a rickshaw in mumbai
  9. It used to be that sensitive documents were carried in a briefcase attached to the bearer's wrist. If that was/is the case then there is no chance of 'losing' said briefcase. The wearer may be a little inconvenienced for a while but security will be much better.
  10. The only reason I can see for not handcuffing the case to the person carrying it is that its a signal to potential theives that the case has valuable contents. Of course using a secure courier service for important docs would be far too complicated for the govt wouldn't it?
  11. Boll*cks.
  12. Suitcase? They've started losing documents on the industrial scale now? I'd laugh if it wasn't so depressing.
  13. Of course you cant chain the thing to his wrist, its against his human rights to have to take responsibilty for something, and no you cant have an escort like a Queens messenger should have, think of the cost, the Minister could have a t least a lunch for that cost.
  14. After seeing my paper work people assume it already is.