secret courts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by samain11, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. I cant get the link to work...sorry.
  2. That's because it's a secret link.
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  3. Judges call for security in family court rooms after spate of attacks by angry parents | Mail Online

    I can see their point, but one has to ask if parents are being wound up like that is there not a problem with the system?

    They have nothing to fear from me.

    They could take my children away from me for ever and I wouldn't bat an eyelid... in court.

    There home on the other hand, their children and the families of the police, social services etc involved in the days afterwards would be fair game.

    It would make 'Law Abiding Citizen' look like a childrens tale.
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  4. There's been a lot on this in the Daily Telegraph and some stuff in Private Eye. These Courts are running as damm close to a kangaroo court as makes no difference.
  5. Because of no public/professional independent scrutiny and in a series of fcuk ups over the years NO ONE has been held to account for death and injury of kids taken?

    Throw in a penchant for taking kids that are 'easily adoptable' rather than those who may genuinely need it.
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I think, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Mitchell "Plebgate" case has proven beyond doubt that we have nothing to fear from people in authority so move along now, there's nothing to see here. "...and then he rammed his face onto my fist as I was stretching to do some exercise, Your Honour, and as he stumbled he viciously attacked my foot with his testicles whilst shouting, "It's a fair cop, I done it all, i even murdered Susy Lamplugh even though I was only 6 at the time."
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  7. ....................The time will come when to be a parent, to be allowed to breed, you'll need to have a licence.

    To get your breeding licence, you will have to pass a parenting (driving test)

    Fail the test 3 times & sterilisation will be your reward!

    There are too many fuckwits breeding left right & center. Chop their ****ing bollocks off & sew their gash's up & the job is Jobbed!
  8. Fo shizzle blud.
  9. I can't get angry enough...sorry.
  10. If been on another forum and some have mentioned that the ex wife/partner has been able to apply for a non molestation order on next to no reason or on dubious claims and they have only found out ones in place once they go to court to gain access to their kids. I've apparently this year also been found guilty of not returning a log book in time and fined £250 at a court back in 2009 and only came to light this year. How I can have been fined without even being informed of the case is beyond me court doesn't even have a record when the citation was submitted which points out they haven't even sent them out!
  11. Not asking you to get angry mate...I just smelt some dodgy practice and unfairness and thought I would share it on here, thats all.