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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hellfyyr, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Whilst trying to grab some quick driving directions to a base, I stumbled across the following :roll:

    Any snipers out there need an exercise for the weekend? Any SF types bored enough to use their favourite Ka-Bar knife for the troops?

    "Secret Bases" webpage...

    I do worry about some of the anoraks out there...

    Seriously though, any Corps (Int that is) gentlemen may wish to have a look to ensure this is Walt and not more serious...
  2. Err some of that stuff looks very well researched its a perfect terrorists guide to finding these places with aerial and map of the area......

    spy walts a worrying revolation to the world of walting.
  3. As far as I remember MOD is aware of that website and has no issue with it :lol:
  4. No issue with it? Are you saying they are so lassez-faire about this one that the walt does not require to wear tin-foil headgear?

    I think the bloke should be leathered just for collating such info, but hey, maybe I am right-wing :lol:
  5. If you check his website, I think that you will find that he has cleared all of the material with the D-Notice committee. We may not like him collating all of it in one place, but he does not appear to have broken any laws.
  6. If I remember rightly this website was pulled offline for a while and the D-Notice decided that it only showed information in the public domain and there was no issue
  7. I bet he buys tin foil by the ton.
  8. This is all sensible stuff, can we not have him killed anyway?

    Walts are bad enough, but wannabe PIRA/Al Qaeda idiots are another matter entirely...

    It's not as if this is Area 52 or anything, he is compromising everyday bases for no reason!

    c'mon, someone make with the "code red"...
  9. If anyone is going to bundle him into a van never to be seen again, I would guess that the subject of this article would be more likely...... 8O
  10. That is a brilliant website. I hope they don't cart him off.
    Don't get giving them ideas, doomsayer! :D :D :D

  11. Correct. In actual fact, somewhere hidden in the archives of his website should be the link to a press story of his visit to London for a tet-a-tete with aforementioned committee (now called something less sinster, like the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee).

    This is taken from the media page of his site:

  12. yeh i posted this a while back the guy truly belive the entire british army does nothing but hunt UFO's
  13. And you have not found ET,call yourself a soldier?
  14. You mean thats not what they do :?: 8O
  15. I acknowledge the point, all I am saying is let "Jim" fix it for this bloke to be cable-tied and double tapped...

    Ghosty will back me up I am sure!