Secret Army squad abused Iraqis

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ulsterman82, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. linky

    typical another paper putting soldiers lifes at risk with unproven accusations! i wonder if that lawyer is at it again?
  2. Seems to be the standard template.... sexual abuse, etc. blah blah

    Wonder how much money they want?
  3. Shiner again.

    This man has form for accusing the Army of bad things.
  4. Visited the JFIT many times, a number of my colleagues worked there its just a load of old tosh. The solicitors are doing it for easy work in a recession. The Iraqis are doing it for money it is easier than working. By the way working is something the Iraqis are generally not very good at. The words bone and idle spring to mind, we employed loads of LECs and the majority of them spent most of their time dossing and the rest of their time stealing.
  5. Utter tosh...

    We were never in Bucca (except to go to the PX)...
  6. The JFIT used to be in Bucca in the early days of Telic. Apart from that, I agree that the article is a complete fabrication.
  7. From what I read in the comments below the article it is clear that for many Independent readers the mere fact that an allegation has been made is concrete proof that it is true. Their minds, such as they are, are already made up.
    A*seholes the lot of 'em!
  8. Now we know where the tin foil hat mob hang out. :roll:
  9. Shakespeare was right; "First, kill all the lawyers..." :twisted:
  10. You know, I really wish that DISC and the DIS were capable of half the things that they allege - it would make my job so much easier...

    Utter tosh as articles go - what makes me so angry though is the automatic presumption that the Iraqis are correct and the UK military is lying. I have never met an Iraqi who told the truth about anything.
  11. Quite sure of that?

    I know for certain we were-just ask some of the staff at Colly.
  12. In their defense (in general, not for those who make their living smearing the military or, as I was shocked to hear on UK radio on my visit in December, those scumbags who play on peoples' sickness and injury) I humbly point out that the reason for this oft-misused line of the Bard is that lawyers are the bulwark of freedom and if one wishes to take over a government, they are usually one of the first groups to be eliminated.
  13. If it was secret, how the f... did they know? :twisted:
  14. "they hit me for three minutes with a hammer"? Must have been F... engineers having a laugh with a rubber hammer. :lol:
  15. But according to many of this site the media are on our side?